Exquisite Hobby Farm with Great Hunting in SW Wisconsin

County: Crawford
47759 Plainview Ridge Road, Boscobel WI 53826
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Property Description

Have you been dreaming of owning a whimsical hobby farm in the heart of Southwestern Wisconsin? This immaculate paradise boasts a multitude of options for those in search of a new building site, getaway or trophy whitetail hunting escape! This aesthetic retreat is now exclusively offered to the general public for the first time in over 20-years. Brace yourself as you learn why this rare opportunity to own one of the most scenic ridgetops in the region.

You’ll find this marquee homestead nestled upon a plateau overlooking miles of sprawling landscape earmarked by panoramic views of cascading bluffs. This serene promise land is complimented by a centerpiece red barn that is a whopping 33x117ft. The rustic barn is truly the focal point and can be seen miles away! In addition, you’ll find a custom state-of-the-art butcher shop decked-out in stainless steel, a loading dock and an electric hoist system. There’s even water and a stove for cooking up fresh meat on-site – a must see for any homesteader!

This sought-after region of Southwest Wisconsin has produced a number of Boone & Crockett behemoths. In fact, 200” deer were taken in this very neighborhood. Fertile ground amidst the Wisconsin & Mississippi River has been one of Wisconsin’s notorious sleepers for gnarly racked whitetail illustrated on magazine covers. A dynamic mix of 28+/- acres of tillable/pasture rents for around $3,500+/-/annually. There’s even a small pond that draw wildlife from afar. Several large destination agriculture fields checkerboard the estate with various crop ground hidden with seclusion offering stunning ambush sites.

As a Land Specialist, I walk thousands of acres of land across this region of the state each year. I can personally attest that I’ve never seen so much deer sign in my life. Cattle-like deer trails crisscross ridge and valley systems to and from bedding areas as if they were county roads. There’s several carefully placed treestands on the property in pre-scouted and proven hotspots. The land is strictly meant to hold, grow and kill mature whitetail. A beautifully maintained trail system wraps miles throughout the estate offering exceptional access to and from stand locations with varying winds in mind.

This epic daydreamer offers endless potential for those who simply can’t take their mind off country living and big bucks.. The ag ground fades into a mature mix of timber bellowing to several ridge points. These distinct outcroppings are home to sublime bedding areas holding several doe family groups and mature buck bedrooms.  Hidden fields offer an array of inside corner hot-spots and edges, which whitetail are instinctively drawn to. The vast farmland is complimented by the terrain. Numerous funnels and pinch-points are naturally occurring due to the topography of the property, which is precisely illustrated on the map.

It’s safe to say that this property is one of the most sought-after land tracts in the Midwest for both hobby farmers and outdoor enthusiasts. You may have to travel thousands of miles across America’s heartland to find any property that can even replicate this optimal estate that’s priced to sell. The superior quality and diverse mixture of habitat alone makes this wonderland a destination to see for yourself. Taxes are only $729+/-.

Now is the time to take advantage of this world-class estate. Consider this property a must-see if you have any interest in owning some of richest deer dirt in the state. I urge you to see it firsthand with me on a private showing.  For more info, please contact Southwest Wisconsin Land Specialist Brandon Wikman at 608.403.6003 or Joe Nawrot at 608.381.1627. Email them at: //

Joe Nawrot and Brandon Wikman are Southwest Wisconsin’s #1 Land Specialist Team.

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