Barry Ransbottom

Barry was born and raised in east central Ohio on the Muskingum/Guernsey county line in the heart of big buck county.

He prides himself in his family and is fortunate enough to be an uncle to two nieces and two nephews.

At an early age he became an avid outdoorsman spending most of his youth hunting, fishing, and learning what the great outdoors has to offer.

Barry was brought up in a family that has several properties in several counties in Ohio and truly understands the dynamics of Ohio Lands.

He also takes pride into being a landowner himself in which he manages for wildlife along the side of several other family properties.

 He took his passion for wildlife and land management into his collegiate years receiving a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Wildlife from Zane State College. After attending Zane State College, he also took many marketing and communication classes through the Ohio University of Zanesville.

In pursuing the passion of wildlife he has also worked several years with ODNR in the Division of Wildlife. Along with his employment he has had many volunteer hours with the dept. of fisheries.

 Barry has been fortunate enough to harvest several turkeys and many mature Ohio whitetails 140 inches plus with his personal best coming in at 172 5/8’s.

 Living in east central Ohio Barry was raised into land management and hunting, he truly understands the goals individuals have when looking for that perfect piece of land. With his knowledge of Forestry, Topography, and Gis, he truly knows what each and every piece of land has to offer or its potential.

 Whether that goal is to become a landowner or a landowner ready to sell.

Barry’s communication skills and strive to do his very best will make a great agent for you to work with.

Email, call or text Realtree Land Pro Barry Ransbottom to help you with your land purchasing/selling goals!