Jon Rose

Jon was born and raised in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin and grew up in the scenic bluffs of La Crosse. It was there, at a young age, that he developed his love of the outdoors. From watching whitetail deer out his bedroom window to fishing and squirrel hunting with his grandfather, Jon learned to appreciate all that the outdoors has to offer.

It wasn’t until his childhood friend invited him to sit in a tree stand one fall morning that his love and passion for hunting became a way of life. From that day forward, Jon has been dedicated to learning everything he can about whitetail hunting and land management. Today, his passion continues to grow by watching his son develop his own love of hunting and passion for the outdoors.

Through his own hunting and land management experiences, Jon has learned what it takes to effectively manage and sell hunting properties. Jon brings the same passion and dedication that he has for hunting to his clients when assisting them in acquiring or selling their property and helping them to make their own outdoor dreams come true.