Kaila Carroll

Kaila grew up in Ramsey, Minnesota and spent most of her childhood hunting & fishing with her family. From small game to large game she has always been a big fan of the outdoors. She grew up doing a lot of gun hunting for ducks, geese, pheasants, grouse. Then throughout her teenage years she fell in love with bow hunting.  Kaila used to bow hunt for the TV shows Double Bull Archery & The Wild Outdoors, she was featured on the magazine cover of Bowhunting World in April of 2007 with a turkey she shot with her bow in South Dakota while filming with Double Bull Archery. One of her biggest bucks taken with a bow was her MN buck that was 155 inches. After many years of hunting alongside her family she realizes it’s not only about the animal you harvest, it’s about the memories and stories you collect along the way with the people you care about that make a successful hunt more rewarding.

During her free time, Kaila enjoys hunting and fishing with her family and 2 kids Dakota and Drake. She feels bringing her kids up surrounded by outdoor activities is important because it will always give her and her children common ground and ways to continue bonding and sharing great memories for many years to come.  Kaila spends all her free time living for her family and kids – building memories that last a lifetime.

Along with being a licensed Real Estate Agent Kaila has a degree as a professional photographer. Being a photographer has allowed Kaila the opportunity to be able to capture the natural beauty of nature at its best.  Kaila has always had a passion for Real Estate which started at a very young age, Kaila’s father and brother are also successful realtors. You could say it runs in their blood! Kaila feels very lucky to be able to do what she loves every day. Given the experience Kaila has had in the outdoor industry and her knowledge when it comes to the outdoors she feels this better helps her understand her client’s needs. Kaila also feels her experiences and knowledge she has obtained with her outdoor background helps her highlight all the important areas of a property from a hunter’s perspective and has a true understanding of what a property has to offer potential buyers, which may help you sell your property. She is also able to connect with hunters on a personal level when it comes to understanding their passion at a level only a true hunter would understand. Whether she is helping buyers find the home or land of their dreams or helping land owners sell their home or property Kaila takes pride in her work and relationships that she builds along the way. Giving Kaila a task becomes an obsession. She has so much motivation and passion to help others accomplish what it is they’re looking for. Family, loyalty, and trust are all things Kaila values the most in life and this is the type of relationship you will feel with her as your realtor.

Whether buying or selling consider working with an agent who shares your passion for the outdoors.