Mitchell Pate

I’ve always been an entrepreneur and a builder. In the second grade, I was suspended for selling home-made whistles to other students. In Jr. High, I would buy candy in bulk, then sell them separately to other students. I started building things for my mom at the age of 11. I built small pieces of furniture through the years. When I was 15 I built the family a 16ft. dining table.

In 1982 I joined the Houston Police Department. I worked there until 2005 when I retired. While employed, In 1997, I built my first home. In the process, I met a business owner who I later partnered with. We had three cultured stone companies together, and later I became a distributer for a large Texas stone manufacturer. Through the years I’ve owned many construction companies including, siding, stone, foundation, roofing, and others. By 2005, after retiring I was focused on my construction companies. By 2008 I had sold some companies and was building houses in the north Houston area. However, the economy changed in 2008 so I joined the Harris County Sheriffs Office; where I remained until 2019. All in total I was a peace officer for 35 years. And although I was a good officer, I was a better businessman.

In the mean time, I continued doing construction. However, I wanted something different. In 2017 I decided to build an RV park. I found a site in Henderson County, Texas near the town of Athens. I purchased 62 acres and set out to build an RV park and water park. I was successful and in 2021 I sold the RV park and looked for the next project. While doing all this, I got my Real Estate License in 2014. Being in the construction business, and buying land and building houses, it made sense for me to be my own agent. I’ve listed and purchased many houses through the years. I’ve bought raw land and built many homes through the years. I’ve developed and sold businesses. I love the creative part of a new project.

Come 2023, I am older and lack the strength to build all the time, but I haven’t lost the desire. I’ve learned that if wealth is to be made, it is in real estate. Not the agent side, but the owner side. Building homes was profitable but it wasn’t until I built the RV park I learned that wealth is built on the commercial side. Selling a business without real estate is good but selling one with property involved is where wealth is made.

Through the years I’ve seen a lot and would love to help you obtain your goals. If that’s another home, a new home, a business, or a business from the raw land up, then give me a call and let’s make it happen.