Tiffany Sanders

Tiffany Sanders is a dedicated Land Specialist with a deep passion and knowledge of ranch land, country homes, and recreational hunting land. With her expertise, she’s become the go-to for those looking to settle or invest in the local area.

Education & Background

Tiffany graduated from Lipscomb University with a degree in Psychology and Leadership, which equipped her with an understanding of community dynamics and individual needs. Further enhancing her holistic approach to life, she also holds a health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

Family & Farm Life

Tiffany is married to John and they have two children, Hayden and Hudson. Together, they run a small farm in Cass County, where they raise chickens, pigs, cows, and goats as well as a variety of crops. This hands-on experience gives Tiffany a unique insight into sustainable farming and homesteading, valuable knowledge she shares with her clients.

Although they have made their home in Cass County, Tiffany and her family have lived many places, giving her an diverse understanding of many cultures and ways of life. She and John grew up in South East Texas and met in High School. They married while in college and moved to the Houston area, where they lived for over 8 years. A job change for John moved them to Central Texas where, in Austin, they began their family and fell in love with the natural way of life and the outdoor opportunities like hiking, camping, hunting and natural living Austin totes.

Once their youngest, Hudson, turned two, they were called to the mission field where they served Maori and Kiwis in New Zealand for 5 years. Here, she developed a love for locally sourced, home grown food and could see direct benefit in their family. Due to medical needs, they moved back to The States and eventually settled in Austin again. After 7 years raising their boys in wonderful community, they were looking for a slower pace of life and were lead to start a small farm in North East Texas, where they now reside and flourish.

Experience in Health & Wellness

With over seven years as a health coach, Tiffany’s commitment to wellness is evident. She was able to see and document the results of healthy lifestyles and the wholeness rural life brings. Her training at IIN, combined with her practical farming experience, positions her as a reliable guide for those interested in a healthier, homesteading lifestyle.

Working with Tiffany

Tiffany’s strong community ties, passion for people, the outdoors, and comprehensive knowledge in agriculture make her an asset for anyone looking to buy or sell property in the area. She offers a straightforward, informed approach to ensure her clients find the right fit for their needs.

If you’re considering a move to the area or need guidance on property matters, Tiffany Sanders is here to assist.