Hunters Hideaway

County: Aroostook
00 Frenchville Road, Ashland ME 04732
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Property Description

Hunters Hideaway is a large tract of recreational timberland for sale in Ashland, Maine.  The ninety plus or minus acre parcel of harvested timberland was last cut around 2012.  The most recent harvest provided a nice gravel interior road to the center of the lot, and a really nice-looking stand of young aspen and birch amongst the taller softwood trees remaining from the prior harvest.  The property is located in an area with a healthy deer population.  This section of the town of Ashland has a large deer wintering area.  Knowledgeable deer hunters look to the Ashland area, especially late season, as deer are migrating from their summer areas to this area to “yard up” for the winter.

The topography of the lot is fairly flat through the majority of the parcel, but drops off to the west.  Opening up a majestic view looking over the valley to the west is easily obtained by clearing a few acres of timber along the hillside.  Building a cabin in that area would provide great sunsets as well as nice summer breezes from the prevailing winds from the west.  Along with a flat topography the land has very good soils with 70% of the acreage having class 2 soils.  Class 2 soils can handle intense farming.  They also grow healthy stands of trees.

Throughout the acreage there is sign of moose, deer and small game.   Several rubs, and lots of droppings and sign of browsing by whitetail on the fresh hardwood shoots show the presence of whitetail deer on the property.  This is an outstanding parcel that is surrounded by farmland, rivers and streams as well as timberland of various age class.  This is a location that with some advance preparation, some patience and time should yield opportunities to harvest a mature whitetail buck.  On a recent visit to the property, I encountered a shed hunter who showed me a nice 10-point rack he had found that morning as he was headed into the woods to look for a couple more drops from larger bucks he had seen on the property.  At the very back of the property the local ITS trail crosses by.  So, you do have direct trail access from the property with just a small amount of clearing.

This is a great opportunity to purchase a tract of recreational timberland that you can utilize to hunt, camp and recreate on while each and every year the young forest grows larger with time.  The property has good access off the Frenchville Road and is just 20 miles from Presque Isle, and about 5 miles from the center of Ashland where you will find a small grocery store, furniture store, auto repair facilities and a few other small businesses.  Ashland is the gateway to the North Maine Woods which is an area of roughly 3.5 million acres of working forest.  Here you will find numerous trout filled waters, grouse filled patches of early successional forestland, large numbers of moose, and very few people.  If this sounds appealing to you, then give me a call so we can take a walk and view the potential of Hunters Hideaway, in Ashland, Maine.

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