North Maine Woods Kingdom Parcel

County: Aroostook
Lot 1.1 Rocky Brook Road, High Landing ME 04739

Property Description

Why shouldn’t your retreat property also be an investment property? Get the best of both worlds in these 3,669± acres of timberland located in a remote region of the Maine North Woods.

Two potential ROIs from this property include the current and future timber and the opportunity to divide and sell some HBU waterfrontage and recreational land. This is rare to find in the North Maine Woods. A 2020 timber inventory is available, call or email for details.

LAND DETAILS – The property is nearly rectangular in shape making management easy. This is a rolling parcel with some impressive hills with a lot of early successional hardwoods. It is truly an upland bird paradise. Elevations on site vary from just over 700 feet near the Fish River to 1,080 FASL on North Ridge and 1,240 FASL atop Freeman Ridge. There are vista views for miles from these hillsides.

According to the NRCS soil survey the soils of this area consists of Telos-Chesuncook-Ragmuff association and other related glacial tills good for forestry and wildlife. The tree species on this parcel are dominated by the coniferous spruce, fir and cedars and deciduous yellow birch and hard maple.

The property fronts along Rocky Brook Road for more than 2 miles. Carr Pond Road intersects the land near the center of the parcel providing another 1 ½ miles of interior road. Unnamed spur roads leading off both Rocky Brook and Carr Pond Roads add an additional 10 miles of interior road system.

WATER FEATURES – An estimated 17,000 feet of water frontage includes Fish River, Clayton Stream, Mud Pond Stream, an unnamed pond and an unnamed brook. The frontage along the Fish River makes up the largest percentage of waterfront on the property. It forms the western boundary of the land. The 69-mile-long river forms up on this property and flows northerly through Fish River Lake, Portage Lake and St Froid Lake before it joins up with the St. John River in Fort Kent, Maine.

WILDLIFE – The North Maine Woods is probably best known for its abundance of moose. This is one place in the lower 48 where this largest of the world’s deer can be seen on a daily basis. Upland bird hunters know that this is also one of the best areas in the country for ruffed grouse hunting. Whitetail deer are not plentiful, but this remote region is home to the biggest bucks in the northeast. Test your hunting skills tracking a monster buck in the NMW. The NMW is home to the best wild brook trout waters in the US. Trophy square tails are caught here every year. Black bear, pine martin, fisher, fox and more of Maine’s wildlife thrive here as well.

ACCESS & LOCATION – T13 R8 WELS is located in a remote region in Aroostook County Maine. This is an unorganized township with few services and low taxes. The road system is used by license with North Maine Woods Incorporated. This organization cooperates with landowners to control access to 3.5 million acres of northwest Maine. Within this area is both the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and the St. John River System.

The property is located 17 miles west of the nearest public road in Portage Lake. It is 45 miles to the nearest city of Presque Isle which is also the closest commercial airport. Boston Massachusetts is located 395 miles south.

Property Details