York Ridge Road Crossing

County: Aroostook
00 York Ridge Road, Ashland ME 04732
Photo Dec 18, 1 19 07 PM Sold

Property Description

The 40± acre parcel of recreational woodland for sale in Ashland, ME is a natural crossing for whitetail deer.  The topography of the land and its location and proximity to agricultural fields as well as the several thousand acres of abutting industrial forest land, make this a natural crossing area for whitetail deer.  Evidence in the snow on a recent visit to the property, indicate deer cross the property very frequently.  The timber harvest that occurred on the property a couple of years ago have improved the lot as a hunting property.  Dozens of potential stand locations can be found on the parcel.  Several apple trees add a bit of attraction to the ruffed grouse and whitetail that frequent the area.

The property is very accessible being just ¾ of a mile from a state-maintained road.  York Ridge Road is a town owned road, that is maintained in the summer.  There is no snow plowing that occurs on it during the winter.  The road is a designated ATV trail in the summer and an ITS trail in the winter, for virtually year-round recreational vehicle enjoyment from the property.  A gravel interior road on the parcel would be a good place to park a camper or build an off-grid cabin or home.  Gardner Brook passes by just off the property, and has a population of native brook trout.  You probably won’t catch a trout much bigger than 10 inches or so, but a feed of fresh trout can definitely be caught from Gardner Brook in the spring.

Located in the town of Ashland, this property is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of land making up the North Maine Woods.  Ashland has a population of about 1300 people.  In Ashland you can find groceries, housewares and gasoline.  More extensive shopping as well as healthcare is available 25 miles away in Presque Isle.

The boundaries of the 40± acres are pretty well identified on the ground with ribbon as well as painted lines.  If you are looking for an affordable cabin site, home site or just a place to park a camper and relax in the woods, then take a good look at York Ridge Road Crossing.  You will want to call me today.

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