A Nature Enthusiasts Dream

County: Penobscot
Lot 4 Lower Drew Road, Drew ME 04497
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Property Description

Nestled within the sprawling embrace of a 58.72-acre off-grid sanctuary, this property offers an exceptional canvas for nature enthusiasts. Set against the backdrop of the expansive 11,000-acre Mattawamkeag River Wildlife Management Area, this parcel is a gateway to untamed wilderness and natural beauty.

Amidst this verdant expanse lies an 1142 square foot salt box structure awaiting transformation. While requiring rehabilitation, the structure offers a base camp—an opportunity for a visionary to craft a rustic haven amidst the lush embrace of nature’s bounty.

The true marvel of this property lies not solely in the structure but in the majesty of its surroundings. A diverse mixed wood forest blankets the land, a tapestry woven with hardwoods and evergreens. This forest teems with life, providing sanctuary to an array of wildlife—from the playful squirrels and drumming grouse, and occasionally graced by the presence of majestic moose, deer, and bear.

The crown jewel of this wilderness is the nearby Mattawamkeag River and its tributaries, a labyrinth of serene waterways lined with large oak and maples and complemented by the enchanting melody of flowing water. For outdoor enthusiasts, these waters offer a tranquil setting for canoeing or kayaking, while anglers can delight in the promise of trout and bass fishing along the river’s meandering path.

This canvas is an invitation to embrace the splendor of nature—an opportunity to immerse oneself in the symphony of the forest, where the rustling leaves and trickling streams create an orchestra of tranquility.

While the structure beckons for rejuvenation, the true allure lies in the surrounding forest—a testament to the untamed beauty waiting to be explored and cherished.

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