Recreational Retreat for Sale in Maine

County: Piscataquis
19 Katahdin Iron Works Road, Brownville ME 04414

Property Description

Recreational Retreat

Property Description

“Little House on the Prairie” was a television series that aired when I was growing up.  That series depicted the growing up years of Laura Ingalls Wilder on the prairie in the central United States during the late 1800’s.  This was a period of expansion in to the untamed wilderness areas of our country.  The show depicted what it may have been like to grow up during that time in a little house on the prairie.  Although the Prairie Lodge in Ebeemee township was built in 1921, the area where it stands was no less wild than the unexplored western United States when it was first settled.  This region, today, is the most sparsely populated county east of the Mississippi River.  The Prairie Lodge, when it was built, was not a little house on the Prairie, but rather a quite grand home for its time.  With over 2200 square feet of interior living space, 6 bedrooms, two full baths and a beautiful river rock fireplace in the living room this property still maintains an air of elegance missing from many newer homes of today.  The wide halls, tall ceilings and large rooms are waiting for you to make them your home.

The historic country inn for sale in Maine with acreage located in Ebeemee Township is the Prairie Lodge on a large riverfront lot of 95.5+- acres.  The historic property was built in 1921.  Built in an area called the Prairie, as it is a flat expanse of land surrounded by hills and the Appalachian mountain range.  The home sits on a poured concrete foundation and has a detached 2 car garage.  There is a separate standalone building on the site situated along Route 11, that has housed a snack bar at one time.  This building could be used as a business location or perhaps converted into a small rental home. In the past the home was visited by many people as it served as not only a large family home; it had been a large farm, an Inn, an airport and most interestingly as a Speak Easy and a brothel during Prohibition.  Are you looking for a Bed & Breakfast opportunity or a large historic home?  The Prairie Lodge property is an opportunity awaiting your vision.  During the westward expansion of our country, the call was “Go West young man”.  Well today I would say, come north, to the Prairie Lodge and bring your vision of a bright future with you.  Call today to arrange a personal viewing of the home and acreage.


Area Description

The home is located on the Katahdin Iron Works road in the low property tax, unorganized territory of Ebeemee Township which leads to a vast, wilderness recreation area that is visited by many hikers, fishermen, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.  Gulf Hagas, the 100-mile Wilderness, Screw Auger Falls and the Appalachian Trail are all just up the road from the property.  The home sits off by itself giving you lots of privacy, yet you can be in the town of Milo in 15 minutes where you can find groceries, hardware and more.

Recreational Data

The area surrounding the home is home to all of Maine’e wildlife.  You will find moose, deer, beaver, turkeys as well as snow shoe hare.  The toughest section of the Appalachian Trail passes nearby.  This section known as the 100-mile Wilderness has given many experienced hikers pause due to its level of difficulty.  Hunting, fishing, wildlife watching as well as recreational vehicle riding are all enjoyed in the area.

Water Features

The Middle Branch of the Pleasant River bisects the property.  There is over 2200 feet of frontage on this trout stream.  The section of stream has riffles, deep pools and some undercut banks.  The water is crystal clear.  It looks to be a place where a brook trout would call home.  Fiddle Head ferns are found along the shore of the stream on the property.  These ferns are a delicacy enjoyed each spring by many people that appreciate foraging for them.  There is a nice kidney shaped farm pond located across the road from the home.  There are numerous springs and small trickles that cross portions of the acreage.  Located a short drive from the property are Ebeemee Lake and Schoodic Lake.  Both of these water bodies provide both warm and cold-water fishing opportunities.

Land Features

The property once housed a grass air strip.  Its foot print would need to be widened as young pine trees have encroached upon the runway.  The home site itself is very flat, which would make ground work very easy.  Approximately 30 acres of the property are overgrown field with the balance wooded.  There is some merchantable timber on the property, but the majority of the stems are young.  Sections of hardwood, softwood and mixed wood stands make up the wooded acreage.  The grounds around the home are filled with perennial flower plantings, a large lilac tree and other ornamental flowers add color and depth to the home.

Property Details