Charming Cabin on 70 Acres in Maine

County: Waldo
88 Whitten Road, Burnham ME 04922
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Nestled at 88 Whitten Road in Burnham, ME, this turnkey, trophy whitetail hunting property seamlessly blends convenience with an unforgettable way of life. Picture the tranquil early hours, the world adorned in the soft hues of dawn. The cabin’s interior, crafted with V match pine and cedar accents, exudes warmth while the aroma of coffee brewing and bacon sizzling on the gas range beckons friends to gather around the table.

This charming cabin, built in 2001 atop a well-drained gravel pad with cedar shake exterior and trim, ensures comfort with its modern amenities. A drilled well and full bath complement the rustic yet totally modern atmosphere, offering convenience amidst the wild beauty. The cabin boasts electric power, powered by a photovoltaic system with battery storage, ensuring an uninterrupted connection to comfort while immersed in nature’s embrace.

Its new wood stove, installed in 2021, promises coziness on even the coldest winter days. Excellent insulation and abundant double pane windows offer both protection from the elements and immersive views of the surrounding wildlife.

As the group prepares for the day’s hunt, the property unveils its allure—a sprawling 70+ acres of prime whitetail deer habitat, crisscrossed by thoughtfully designed trails. Each trail leads to strategically positioned shooting blinds, named with a touch of history and anticipation: “The Green Monster,” “The Meadow Stand,” “The Food Plot Stand,” and the renowned “Cedar Bog Stand.” These blinds hold stories of triumphs and near misses, marking the landscape with the thrill of the hunt.

Amidst the excitement, the property’s tranquility remains palpable—the captivating “Chain Meadows,” the 2200 feet of water frontage along Bear Trap Brook—serving as havens for an array of wildlife.  Moose, deer, bear, otter, beavers as well as owls, eagles, and other raptors all will be seen here, as they call this area home.

Beyond its natural splendor, this property offers more than just hunting; it embodies a lifestyle—a retreat from the daily rush, fostering cherished moments. And despite this serene escape, its location remains remarkably convenient—just minutes away from the Troy General Store and a mere 12 miles from Sebasticook Valley Hospital.

With its proximity to Bangor (40 minutes) and Boston (3.5 hours), this haven is not just a hunting property; it’s an invitation to a cherished way of life, effortlessly blending the thrill of the hunt with the ease of access for individuals from central and southern Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional hunting property. Call now to schedule a viewing and immerse yourself in the history and excitement of these named blinds, making this your haven for unforgettable hunting experiences and cherished moments amidst modern comforts within a rustic setting.

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