2200+ Acre Hunting and Cattle Ranch Greer County, Oklahoma

County: Greer
16306 N CR 1910, Mangum OK 73554
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Property Description

Hunting and Cattle Ranch

Whether you are a hunter, a rancher or both, this property is a must see. Located in the heart of Southwest Oklahoma, the Greb Family Ranch is a quintessential family-owned hunting and cattle ranch that has stood proudly for over half a century.The ranch is a 2200+/-acre haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Its picturesque setting encompasses a diverse range of ecosystems, making it a prime destination for hunting and cattle ranching. The ranch has been well-cared for and passed down through generations and offers a unique opportunity for those seeking a connection to the land.

One of the main attractions of the ranch is its exceptional hunting opportunities. The ranch boasts an impressive population of white-tail deer, known for their size and trophy potential. Quail, dove, turkey, and hog hunting are also popular activities on the ranch, providing a year-round hunting experience for sportsmen of all preferences.

The ranch is cross-fenced, allowing for efficient cattle management and rotational grazing practices. This helps preserve the natural resources and beauty of the land. In addition, the ranch is crisscrossed with roads and trails, making it easy to explore and manage the property.



Property Details

Key Features

  • 4000+ sq. ft. ranch house: 5 bed, 3 bath, 2 half bath
  • Natural water features include numerous ponds, seeps, and a spring/stream and river access
  • Man made water features include 4 wells, county water and 20 taps
  • Outbuildings include: a livestock barn, a quansett barn, a 3-bay metal barn and bird dog pens
  • Corral system consists of loading dock for 18-wheeler, 1 large catch pen, 6 sorting pens, 2 alleyways, a large squeeze bucket, with divided chute leading to squeeze chute
  • Navigable road/trail system throughout