Annie Oaks Farm In Southern VA

County: Lunenburg
587 Courthouse Road, Chase City VA 23924
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Property Description

Looking For A Farm?

Annie Oaks Farms is a picturesque property situated in the heart of southern Virginia’s Lunenburg county. Spread across 320 acres of sprawling land, this farm offers a plethora of opportunities for the outdoorsy and nature-loving folks.

The property boasts of two tranquil ponds, which are perfect for fishing and recreational activities. One of the ponds even has a dock and a screened pavilion, offering an ideal spot for relaxing or hosting outdoor events.

The property is blessed with giant oak trees that provide ample shade and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the farm. The farmhouse, with its charming architecture, offers a comfortable and cozy living space for its inhabitants. It features three bedrooms and two bathrooms that have been renovated to provide modern amenities while still retaining their rustic charm.

The property has fenced pastures, making it an excellent option for livestock and horses. The replanted pines add to the natural beauty of the property and also provide a potential source of income. Additionally, the property offers ample opportunities for hunting and other outdoor recreational activities.

Located in Chase City, Virginia, Annie Oaks Farms offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a haven for those who seek to reconnect with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The farm’s idyllic setting, combined with its many amenities, makes it a dream come true for anyone looking to experience the quintessential southern Virginia lifestyle.

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