Serenity in Richland County

County: Richland
14504 Beatty Dr, Richland Center WI 53581
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Property Description

This property has so much to offer to so many different types of people: Hunters looking for Big Buck potential will find it here, Maple Syrup producers will find plenty of Maple Trees to tap, Conservationist will find plenty of native Plant and Animal species to their liking, if you are looking for a little Peace and Quiet, a place with a different kind of Vibe, here it is! The gated entrance opens to a well maintained ¼ mile easement leading up to an abandoned home that was constructed in 1975 out of compressed soil taken off the property. The attached shed, with electrical hookup, was constructed with lumber scrapped from the area and is still in use today. The rest of the 40 acres is wooded with mainly: maples, oaks, white pines, cherry, and birch. Several rock outcroppings will bring out the child in you as you climb your way to the top. It has 280’ of elevation change making it one of the highest peaks in the area with specular views from the top. The road system throughout the property makes hunting access and travel a breeze. Deer hunters, I wish I could tell you that is a honey hole for Big Bucks…it’s not, but it could be. Sure, they are around, but it needs some TLC to bring it up to its potential. All you need to do is fire up a chainsaw to create bedding areas where you want them to bed, create food plots where you want them to feed, keep your hunting pressure low, pick stands based on time of day/winds/thermals, and then hunt between the bedding areas and food…yes, it really is that simple. Currently there is a spot for a one food plot, and a pond with a mature Maple tree near by waiting for your tree stand. Turkey hunters, all you need to do is buy a turkey license, some hearing protection, and then find a comfortable tree to sit down by. Why the hearing protection? The powerful gobbles from the nearby roosted Toms could render you deaf if you don’t! I’m serious, the ridgetop screams Turkeys, especially Boss Gobblers! Collecting Maple sap is as easy as it gets. You can run your tubing down the hill right to your future Sugar Shack as the base of the hill. Everyone will love the diversity this parcel offers, from the ridgetop views, to the plant and animal life, to the rock outcroppings, the hollows and the draws. In essence, the Vibe you experience when you enter this property can be described as Serenity – a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. We could all use more of that!

The buildings are sold as is. Personal property in and around the buildings are not included in the sale. Sorry, the sale doesn’t include the 55 Gallon Drum Totem Pole. Tree stands are not included in the sale, but can be purchased by buyer.

The property consists of two parcels. The 30+ acre parcel is zoned Residential, the 9+ acre parcel is zoned Forest.

All potential buyers must be accompanied by a Wisconsin licensed real estate agent. Enter the abandoned home at your own risk.

The gated entrance is lock with a paddle lock, there is a lockbox above the sink, under the shed/overhang.

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