Row Crop Land for Sale in Hillsboro, Wisconsin

County: Vernon
46.07 Ac E Newburn Ave, Hillsboro WI 54634
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Property Description

You’ve just found an extraordinary investment tract composed of 46.07 acres in the heart of Southwest Wisconsin’s magical farm country. This sprawling ridgetop row crop land may be found between the rural communities of Hillsboro and La Farge. Real Estate in this coveted neighborhood rarely hits the market, especially property of this magnitude. Consider this an exclusive opportunity to own some of the finest farmland in the region yielding proud crops, while producing a handsome yearly rental profit.

In a neighborhood swallowed by sky-high bluffs and deep valleys, most farmers struggle to work their land. Quite frankly, bluff country farming poses its very own unique challenges, which are not limited to steep sidehills, rocky ground, irregular land shapes and daunting white-knuckle access to name a few. However, this property is in a league of its own. This particular farmland estate is what some consider one-in-a-million! Let me explain.

The land lies along a very high ridgetop that will never see the irreparable damage brought on by floodwaters during torrential downpours. Excellent drainage prevents heavy soil erosion. A very gradual topography allows for smooth planting and effortless harvesting. You can access the land from East Newburn Ave for seamless ingress and egress The property is a Farmer’s Dream.

Well-kempt farmland is actually quite difficult to find throughout the Midwest. Let it be known that this specific estate has been meticulously cared for. The soils have been built, maintained and nurtured with nutrients. All of the practices to support soil health has been negotiated within the lease contract to ensure a booming yield year-in-and-year-out. Most notably, a strategic design was implemented for waterway buffer strips between crop sections, which improve water quality by preventing erosion, intercepting surface water run-off and advancing soil structure.

For those in search of a savvy return on investment, look no further than this highly sought-after soil. Whether you’re looking to rent out the farming rights or create a longstanding development opportunity – this lucrative cash cow provides instant assets that render grand promise. In the uncertain times that we are in, some of the most decorated capitalists are diversifying their assets in productive agriculture land. This streamline investment provides additional added value that is favorable for those looking to expand their portfolio. Prime real estate like this achieves handsome yearly income that you can always count on.

Of the 46.07ac, there’s a total of 44+/- acres that’s currently in active farm production. This generates a noteworthy earning of $7,040+/- annually. The current rental agreement continues until the end of 2023.

An additional bonus to this estate is that you’ll find both electric and high-speed fiber optic along the roadways. This may come in handy if you decide to build or sell-off buildable parcels in the future. Due note that the taxes are only $184+/-. The land is NOT enrolled in any long term or restrictive programs such as CRP or MFL. A swift 10-minute drive brings you directly into La Farge, which is home to Organic Valley. While the ground is not farmed organically, there’s certainly a strong presence of organic crop farming in the region. You can always consider the idea of transitioning the land into organic farm practices in the future if you see opportunity.

The low-hanging investment fruits can easily be capitalized even further by renting out Deer Hunting Rights to an active group of hunters. While there’s little to no timberland on this property, it does abut large swaths of wooded ground that hold trophy sized whitetail, which enter these fields in the morning and evening hours offering world-class hunting opportunities. One can expect a minimum of a couple thousand dollars for the hunting rights alone.

Soil. It’s the connector of lives around the world. American Agriculture is not only a labor of love, but also a practice of stewardship to the earth. Only 25% of earth’s surface is made up of soil and only 10% of that soil can be used to grow food. Maybe it’s time that you take advantage of this rare and sought-after farm in Southwest Wisconsin, because land is something that isn’t mass-produced. If you’re looking to invest, there’s no better purchase than income producing farmland. The wide expanse of land and fertility sparks attractive attention.

Please NOTE: Seller offering additional land for sale:

–       Entire Farm: 183.02ac… $849,900

–       82.24ac… $393,900

–       54.71ac… $258,900

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Buyers must provide a pre-qualification letter before viewing property and must be accompanied by Licensed Real Estate Agent. For more info, please contact Southwest Wisconsin Land Specialist, Brandon Wikman at 608.403.6003 // [email protected] or Joe Nawrot at 608.381.1627 // [email protected]

Make no mistake about it, Joe Nawrot and Brandon Wikman are THE Land Experts of Wisconsin. Ranked #1 in the state of Wisconsin for United Country Real Estate working for the #1 Office in the Nation.

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