Acreage For Sale in Waupaca County

County: Waupaca
Crystal Road, Waupaca WI 54981

Property Description

Nestled just south of Waupaca, Wisconsin, this enchanting 88-acre property beckons to those who seek a profound connection with the natural world. Located off the charming Crystal Road, this land embodies the quintessential allure of rural living in Waupaca, a place celebrated for its rich natural beauty and serene landscapes.

As you step onto this sprawling canvas of nature, you’ll immediately sense its potential to become the ultimate hunting paradise. This property has been thoughtfully designed, with meticulous attention paid to the details that matter to outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife aficionados. A significant portion of the land is allocated for agricultural purposes, generating income through the rental of acreage for soybeans and corn cultivation. This not only helps sustain the property but also ensures a steady supply of food to attract and nourish the local wildlife population.

At the heart of this 88 acre property lies an irrigation pond, serving as both a tranquil oasis and a vital water source for the various inhabitants of this thriving ecosystem. This central water feature adds an element of serenity and natural beauty to the landscape, reflecting the changing colors of the seasons and providing a refreshing respite for both wildlife and visitors alike.

As you venture further, you’ll discover a hidden gem along the southern fringes of the pond – a lowland area that has been meticulously transformed into 3 acres of food plots. These lush, carefully cultivated plots serve as a culinary haven for the resident wildlife, creating a tantalizing buffet of nourishment. Here, you’ll witness nature’s magnificent dance as deer, turkeys, and other creatures gather to partake in the bounty that this land provides.

Whether you’re an avid hunter or simply yearning for a retreat that fosters a profound connection with nature, this land offers an opportunity to embrace the rhythms of the wild.

Property Details

Key Features

  • Hunting Land
  • Agriculture
  • Water Source
  • Vacant Land