Bonnie Fisher

Bonnie is a lifelong resident of the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, home of race horses, bourbon, UK Wildcats, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, wildlife, more water sources than any other state and beautiful landscapes. She grew upon a 50 cow dairy farm as both her grandparents and father were farmers. She assisted from a very young age in variety tasks on the farm and as result Bonnie lives on a farm as well.

This long term background and deep understanding of the realities of the real estate industry over 35 years has propelled Bonnie to focus on doing the right thing when representing buyers and sellers. Her personal strengths are: core values in guiding and facilitating a transaction due to detail-oriented nature, strong work ethics, emphasis on systems and follow through to complete the task for her clients.

Bonnie holds both Principal Broker & Auctioneer licenses. She has worked in the past for manufacturing companies as 3-M Co. & Toyota Motor Manufacturing.  From team member to management, Bonnie excelled in the facilitation of successful company structures.  Just like in real estate, there are many pieces to the puzzle that have to be closely detailed, structured and implemented otherwise the end goal would not be met.

From this corporate background Bonnie learned to leverage her communication skills in order to ensure a smooth and seamless road to task completion. This prepared Bonnie for real estate success in handling transactions as she embarked on her Realtor career in July of 1985.

Bonnie is a huge advocate of strong faith, family, values, reading, interpersonal development and community.  She enjoys spending time with family, two sons and grandchildren on the farm.