Brandon Guhy

Brandon’s background in hunting and fishing goes back generations. He’s hunted big game and birds all over the western United States. His earliest memories are of family trips in the 1980’s hunting Mule Deer in northern Nevada, Bass Fiishing and training his own Labradors for bird hunting.

Brandon enjoys fishing everything from Bass in Texas to Salmon in Alaska, but has found a home living in Glasgow, Montana and claims Fort Peck Reservoir to be one of the best fisheries in the country. He enjoy’s taking his wife and kids camping and fishing, and looking for Bighorn Sheep and Mule Deer or fishing for walleye on Fort Peck really is hard to beat for a family outing. Some of their favorite family trips have been to the Missouri River Breaks, it truly is an amazing place and words can not describe it.

Brandon understands well the value Montana holds for wildlife as compared to other regions in the western United States. Landowners in Montana are in a unique position regarding the number of deer permits given to the public. This really puts landowners in the drivers seat for wildlife management and habitat improvement that can produce other revenue streams. Brandon’s goal as a real estate agent is to maximize the hunting potential of each property he represents, and assist those looking for hunting property in finding the perfect place to call their own.