Chris Harman

Chris was raised in Floyd County. His family has lived in Floyd for several generations. His father taught and coached at Floyd County High School, his grandfather Dr. Chris Harman was a veterinarian, and his great-grandfather, Dr. Jabez Harman was a medical doctor, both practiced in Floyd County.

Chris and his wife Rebeca have three children. His wife Rebecca is a Registered Nurse working in the Floyd Community. He continues to help his father-in-law Bruce Sweeney by managing their family business Autoville Inc, which is where he began his business career.

One of Chirs’ hobbies is grouse hunting with his Brittany Spaniels. Due to the declining grouse population in Floyd, he has had to seek other properties in Southwest Virginia, and West Virginia, whether he has successfully hunted thousands of acres both private and public land. By joining United Country, he looks to use his expertise to specialize in hunting properties.

Chris has bought and sold cars for 30 years brokering cars to new and used car dealerships, including Shelor Motor Mile, Duncan Automotive, and the Nelson Group, to name a few. By joining United Country and using his experience, he looks forward to negotiating deals with his clients to get the best possible price whether buying or selling. Chris would like to see what he can do for you, and remember, he is the only one that can “sell you a car and a place to park it.”