James Duncan

Duncan is your dedicated Montana Realtor, with over a decade of living in the breathtaking Paradise Valley, Livingston, & Bozeman areas.  Having immersed myself in the local lifestyle, I understand the unique charm and potential of Montana’s real estate landscape for personal and business purposes.  Let me share with you my journey, experience, and commitment to making your real estate dreams a reality.
A Decade in Paradise Valley
Having called Paradise Valley & Park County home for over ten years, I have developed an intimate understanding of the region’s nuances, from its majestic landscapes to the warmth of its communities. My passion for this area is not just professional but deeply personal, driving me to connect clients with the perfect property that suits their unique desires and needs and really working to understand what they are looking for – not just trying to push them into buying “something, anything”.


Real Estate Expertise & Experience
I entered the real estate arena in 2017, driven by a desire to help people navigate the complexities of buying and selling properties. With each passing year, I’ve honed my skills and broadened my expertise, ensuring that my clients receive the highest standard of service.  As such, I’ve taken my years of past experience from school in NE Ohio (a B.B.A & B.B.M.), to my years in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon, where I served as a Regional Manager for Royal Philips Lighting North America, to being an Electrical Systems Engineer on large building projects across the country, to all aid me in broadening my understanding of diverse real estate markets. More recently focusing my efforts on my clients’ behalf by serving as a former State Director for the Montana Association of Realtors – keeping me at the forefront of industry rules, laws, and processes.  Most recently also becoming a RealTree Land Specialist across Montana so can I bring a unique blend of industry-specific knowledge and business acumen to the table. My educational background equips me to handle diverse real estate transactions with a focus on professionalism and efficiency, allowing my clients to benefit from my comprehensive understanding of Montana’s real estate landscape, ensuring a smooth and informed journey.



Diverse Real Estate Portfolio
From low-cost vacant lots to multi-million dollar river ranches, I’ve successfully guided clients through a spectrum of real estate transactions. My experience encompasses private sales, asset liquidation, and specialty properties, including bunkers and exclusive “get away from it all” estates.  My years of Federal Contract experience ensure you have someone in your corner who understands the intricacies and language of our contracts and who can, who will, and has won for his clients. Your real estate needs, regardless of scale or complexity, are in capable hands.



Above & Beyond Service — Property Management for You
In addition to real estate expertise, I own and operate Yellow Pine Property Management ( This venture enables me to support clients transitioning to Montana, providing rental solutions when the perfect property isn’t immediately available. Furthermore, Yellow Pine Property Management can efficiently oversee your vacant home or manage it as an income-producing vacation rental if your Montana Real Estate purchase is a 2nd or 3rd home.



Exploring Montana’s Wonders
Outside the realm of real estate, I spend my personal time exploring Montana’s wonders. Whether it’s navigating ATV trails, hiking scenic routes, camping in the summer, embarking on national park treks, or indulging in hot spring visits, I am deeply connected to the beauty that surrounds us and want to bring as many folks who love the same to these amazing places too.


This is Our Home
My wife and I believe in giving back to the community that has welcomed us with open arms.  My wife, Dr. DiCross, who works at Livingston Health Care, I can proudly say is the county’s Best pediatrician and is always there when our community’s kids are in need.  I myself spent years mentoring At Risk Youth in our town and even had the blessing of being able to adopt my son from our community.  Since we’ve arrived here we’ve found ways to contribute our time and resources to ensure those in need are cared for. This commitment to community is an integral part of who we are.
In choosing me as your Realtor, you’re not just gaining a real estate expert, but a committed guide through the scenic landscapes and diverse opportunities that Montana offers.  Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, turning your real estate dreams into a remarkable reality.
Your Real Estate Journey is my Priority