James Friesen

James Friesen is a Texas Native who was born and raised in good ole West Texas. James has a passion for all things real estate related.

As a farmer and rancher James understands just how powerful it is to own land. With almost 20 years in the ag business and buying and selling personal farms. It was time to serve others.

With an Entrepreneurial spirit and an investment mindset James decided to jump in to the real estate business, and help others market and buy some of their largest assesets. ( Land!!)

As a real estate professional James delivers a wealth of knowledge and skillset to the farm & ranch business. He has experience with alternative/renewable energy projects and also oil, gas and mineral leases. His hands-on experience in land cultivation, development and acquisition is on the leading edge in the industry. From the family farms to the large ranches in the region, he embodies competence, excellence and plain hard work which exceeds his client’s expectations.

When not busy farming or showing property. James loves hanging out with his beautiful wife and kids. Other interests include golf, hunting, and things that go fast.

In a market that can be uncertain and challenging, and whether buying, selling or investing. Let James assist you and add wealth to your portfolio.