Matthew Orist

Matt Orist has been in Colorado all his life growing up in Woodland Park and raising his family in the Pikes Peak region where they all still live today.  He graduated from Regis University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics and has worked in the high-tech industry for 36 years.  Growing up in Colorado has created a passion for the outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking along with a love for the mountains and rural property all over Colorado.

Matt is a Professional Auctioneer with a diploma from America’s Auction Academy who can assist you with auctioning or selling your real estate.  He would be honored to serve you and he strives every day to treat others as he would have others treat him.

If you would like to learn more about auctioning property or would like some help with any real estate needs give him a call or send him an email and find out what he can do for you.