Robert Rasmussen

Robert Rasmussen is as local as they come in Mountain Home, deeply connected to the community and eager to help others find their perfect slice of home. Growing up surrounded by the stunning scenery and lively atmosphere of the area, Robert’s love for Mountain Home runs deep and guides his work as a real estate agent.
But outside of work, Robert’s all about embracing the good life. You’ll often find him outdoors, whether he’s casting a line into the lake, hitting the trails for a hike, or exploring new spots near and far. Family is everything to him, and his two kids are his pride and joy. When he’s not out enjoying nature, Robert’s hands are busy with farming, tending to the land and looking after livestock. And if he’s not doing that, he’s probably under the hood of a car, helping friends and neighbors with their automotive needs.
As a real estate agent, Robert’s approach is all about making genuine connections and understanding what his clients really want. With his local know-how and friendly demeanor, he’s all about giving personalized service every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for a forever home or a cozy retreat in Mountain Home, Robert’s your guy to make it happen, all while keeping things laid-back and friendly, just like the community he loves.