Tyler Haessly

Tyler grew up on a farm in Southeast Ohio. He is an avid Ohio State football and basketball fan. From a young age he has helped work and maintain the family farm. Tyler would spend most of his time outdoors, whether for work, play, or sports. You could find Tyler working alongside his dad, from shoveling snow, weed eating, building fence, or cutting firewood on the farm and many times for neighbors. Early on, Tyler took interest in his dad’s trade in the forestry business. He learned tree species, timber value, and worked on timber reclamation jobs.


Tyler has also worked with many satisfied land investors. Who have become returning clients. Tyler recently purchased his first tract of property that he has plans to build on in the near future.


Tyler has always been diligent and committed in anything he does. He uses his resources wisely and is known to be frugal. He believes there is always room for improvement in anything you set out to accomplish. He enjoys meeting new people, such as other farmers. He’s gained wisdom and understanding on a business and personal level through many of those meetings. As well as built lifelong friendships.


Land is valuable and profitable. Tyler believes there is nothing like the freedom and privilege of owning your own piece of land. It’s by far your best investment.


If you’re looking to buy or sell property in southeast Ohio, you can trust that Tyler will work hard to meet your needs and make your investment a success.