Clover Food Plot Maintenance

Trophy Properties & Auction | June 27, 2018 | Land Management

Author: Jared Heller of Trophy Properties and Auction

In my opinion, it is hard to beat clover as a year round food plot. Besides the fact that it is very high in protein, it also is a great attractant for hunting deer and turkeys. Some people think that once they have a clover field established, their work is done. This is far from the truth, it’s just the beginning.

Every Winter, I start the year with fertilizer. I put down 50 lbs of potash and 50 lbs of phosphate per acre. I usually do this while the ground is frozen, or if there is a little snow on the ground. At this time, I  also frost-seed the clover field. Each year, I add an additional half rate of clover into my existing clover field.

In the Spring, there is maintenance to be done with your clover food plots. When the clover starts getting tall in April or May, it is very important to mow it. Mowing your clover food plots is probably the most important part of keeping and maintaining a beautiful clover field. In most years, depending on the heat and rainfall, you will probably be mowing your food plots 4-6 times throughout the summer.

Last but not least comes spraying. It is important to keep the grass to a minimum within the clover food plot. I suggest spraying Select Max. This spray will kill all your grasses, but not any broadleaf plants like clover. Typically, you can get away with spraying this every few years, or as needed as the grass starts taking over. These simple steps of clover food plot maintenance will ensure a beautiful and lush clover field for many years to come!