Delta Waterfowl Summer Issue Highlights Duck Production Programs

Sean Wuller | June 29, 2015 | Waterfowl

BISMARCK, N.D. — Have you ever heard one duck hunter say to another, “Hey, we saw too many ducks today!”DucksYeah, neither have we. At Delta Waterfowl, we’re continually working on behalf of the duck hunters of North America to produce more ducks. Our Summer 2015 magazine issue highlights how we’re putting Delta’s membership, sponsor and donor contributions on the landscape to add ducks to the fall flight.

And we have exciting news! We are introducing the Working Wetlands in North Dakota program, which provides incentives to landowners to protect the small wetlands that are so critical to breeding ducks.

Also in the Summer Issue, freelance writer David Hart looks at the reasons behind a steep decline in the number of Minnesota duck hunters. On a much lighter note, David Rearick points out underrated do-it-yourself waterfowling destinations, while Delta Waterfowl photographer Fred Greenslade presents another stunning photo essay from the Delta Marsh in Manitoba.

As always, the Summer magazine carries a full slate of informative and entertaining columns such as Retrievers, Strategies, Shotgunning and Camp Chef to help you get the most from your waterfowl hunting. And this time, the Traditions column features a neat story of a how a 100-year-old duck boat came back to the family of its original owner.

The only way to get Delta Waterfowl magazine is to join The Duck Hunters Organization. If you are a member, thank you for your support. The Summer Issue will arrive soon.

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