Land Specialists Simply Know More About Natural Parcels Than “Traditional” Real Estate Agents

United Country Hamele Auction & Realty | October 15, 2018 | Buying Properties Hunting Land Land Management

Author: Bob Clyde, Land Specialist

Many outdoors enthusiasts dream about owning a tract of land they can hunt, fish and enjoy basking in nature’s bounty. Imagine being immersed in your way of life on your own land, amazing.

But securing a suitable parcel of land comes with challenges that are significantly different from those posed by buying a home or commercial property. Few real estate agents focus on undeveloped land intended to remain pure. If you are interested in purchasing acres of land rich in wildlife, consider working with a land specialist.

Land Specialists Know the Lay of the Land

When a so-called “traditional” real estate agent sells a property, they generally focus on the structure or the potential to build on a parcel of land.

For the most part, the focus of the sale hinges on a homeowner’s comfort and budgetary limits or a business’ return on investment. The underlying idea is the value of a structure.

Land specialists focus on the intrinsic value of a property. That knowledge may include the types of wildlife present, water purity, timber value, potential income from tillable acreage, and other considerations. An average real estate professional may not concern themselves with the proximity of watershed protected land. A specialist would strongly consider this as a vital element. Simply put, land specialists look at properties for their natural wealth, not necessarily how someone could turn a quick profit.

Land Specialists have Insider Information

Once a real estate agent has carved out undeveloped land as their niche, they tend to accumulate listings and information others may not.

Like any specialist, people in the field prefer to work with those who can best represent their interests. A real estate agent who primarily works with commercial properties will likely attract those types of sellers. They are also likely to be tuned into trends and know about properties before they hit the market. The same holds true for land specialists.

An agent who works in this niche market develops contacts with people on both sides of the fence. Landholders are more likely to be in contact about possibly selling untouched tracts. Those relationships put a land specialist in a unique situation because they could find a buyer for a particular parcel that has yet to officially be listed.  In active markets buyers often complain that certain properties sell very quickly, if you are a committed buyer and not working with a land specialist you are missing out on many un marketed purchase opportunities.

Regardless of what industry you do business, specialists improve the chances of a positive outcome. While there are excellent general real estate agents, land specialists have a heightened understanding of what outdoors enthusiasts value and enhanced knowledge about suitable properties.