Summer Tips for Bowhunters

Sean Wuller | July 9, 2015 | Whitetail Hunting

Bow season is just a few weeks away here in the Midwest. The food plots are planted, stands are hung and shooting lanes are trimmed. Now you need to make sure you and your equipment is ready for opening day.

Missouri Land Agent, competitive archer and Adrenaline Junkie pro staff member, Jason Kneib, offers a few tips to help you get you on the right track.

First, replace your cables and strings.

“This is the time of year to have all your strings and cables replaced if they are older than two years old,” Kneib says. “You want to do it now so your local pro shops have a quick turn around time in getting the bow back to you.”

Second, drop some weight.

“When you start shooting this summer you should lower the poundage you are shooting. Shoot at a more comfortable weight than what you hunt with,” Kneib suggests. “This is so you can get more out of your practice time. You will be able to shoot longer and more frequently with lower poundage.

“Most bad habits originate from fatigue so the lower the poundage the more you can practice before you fatigue.”

Lastly, keep it fun.

“I shoot 3d archery throughout the spring and summer,” he says. “By making it fun I tend to want to shoot more as I work to make that one perfect shot.”