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More than the equipment, the game, or the skill of the hunter, the terrain is what makes a hunt great. The more varied and expansive your hunting grounds are, the greater the selection of animals and the more challenging it is to find them and bring them down. We offer premium hunting property for sale in Illinois, providing you with a secure, secluded spot in which to track down your favorite game.

Gauging The Game

Our Illinois hunting land for sale is the perfect perch from which to hunt our state’s swiftest creatures, including:

  • Deer- One of the most common and challenging game animals, deer can be hunted in Illinois with a firearm on the weekends immediately before and after Thanksgiving. You can also hunt them with a bow and arrows any time between 1 October and the first Sunday following 13 January.
  • Furbearers- Defined as animals that you hunt for their fur, these creatures include raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, and opossums. Many of these animals can be hunted or trapped on our land, though doing so typically requires a special permit.
  • Squirrels- Available for hunting between 1 August and 15 February, squirrels present a challenge due to their small size and rapid movements.
  • Rabbit- Rabbits can be hunted at any time between the first Saturday in November and 8 January.
  • Game Birds- Residents of northern Illinois can hunt pheasant, partridge, and quail at any time between the first Saturday of November and 8 January; southern residents can hunt until 15 January. Illinoisans can also hunt turkey on select days in the spring and fall.

Whether you hunt for exercise, for a challenge, or for the dinner table, there is no shortage of opportunities for a great outing in a state as large and varied as Illinois. We strive to connect you to the best hunting grounds, leaving you alone to contend with your prey. For more information on hunting property for sale in Illinois, contact us today.

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