Darren McGilberry

Darren grew up in rural  Wilcox County, located in Alabama’s Blackbelt region, which is well known for an abundanceof deer, turkey, quail, doves, ducks and fishing.   From being raised in this part of Alabama grew his liove for the outdoors and being able to enjoy the abundant natural resources and wildlife that this area of Alabama has to offer. Darren appreciates the gobble of an ole Tom turkey on a crisp spring morning., the still anticipation of a point while waiting for the cubby of quail to flush, the flash of a big Blackbelt buck on a cool January day, or the tug on the line by a bass or bluegill bream.  Darren’s appreciation for these things pushed him in the direction of an outdoor career. In 1998, he graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor Science Degree from the School of Forestry. In 2002, He started his own timber company and soon after became a licensed realtor.  He lived in Dallas County from 2001-2018  and operated his own timber company and real estate company. Darren believes the experience of handling many land transactions as well as accumulating many contacts in both areas of business has given him the knowledge needed to successfully assist clients.

In 2018 he moved back home to Wilcox County and lives in Camden with his wife deAnn and family. He is currently a Qualifying  Broker with South Land Company, LLC as well as Timber Buyer for Wilco Timber Company. If you have real estate or timber needs in Central or South Alabama please give Darren the opportunity to put his experience and knowledge to work for you.