Michael Krieg

Colorado and Costa Rica, Ranches and Farms, Luxury Homes, Resorts and Hotels, commercial properties, Ranch Broker Michael Krieg markets properties in Colorado and Costa Rica

Top producer Michael Krieg is a force in the Colorado and Costa Rica real estate business.

“I work an entire 10 state region of the Rocky Mountain West & Costa Rica,” says Michael Krieg, a broker with United Country Real Colorado Properties in Grand Junction. While most brokers wish to stick to their comfort zone of their home region, Michael is willing to hit the road. He’s sold unique Ranches, Luxury Homes and Resorts all over The Rocky Mountain West & Costa Rica after local brokers have failed to sell the same properties.

Michael Krieg is a United Country Real Estate problem solver

Sometimes a real estate problem can seem insurmountable. A property may have been listed for several years with no offers; a buyer may not be able to find acceptable financing. Michael has a way of finding innovative solutions to real estate problems. He may know an investor who can offer bridge financing, or he might have a buyer for a unique property. Many brokers get bogged down in traditional approaches to real estate. If you really need to buy or sell real estate, ask Michael. He might have an answer when no one else has one.

Colorado & Costa Rica, , The Rocky Mountain West selling ranches, resorts, luxury homes, businesses, hunting property, and commercial real estate