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There’s much more to Maine than just the beautiful coastline. Known for its rolling mountains and thick forests, the state of Maine is home to some of the best hunting ground in the United States, giving hunters the opportunity to hunt everything from snowshoe hares to trophy bull moose. Now, thanks to our Maine hunting land for sale, you can claim your very own private piece of this rich hunting ground.

Many hunters who purchase hunting land in Maine do so for a chance to hunt moose. One of the few states that have an abundance of Moose, Maine offers hunters the chance to bag one of the country’s largest land animals. Along with this, hunters in Maine can hunt everything from whitetail deer and turkeys to coyotes and black bears. In the spring of the year, take to the woods for a chance at a trophy gobbler, while the fall of the year offers the chance to hunt deer, black bear, and much more. Coyotes, meanwhile, can be hunted year-round in Maine and can even be hunted at night. With such a wide range of overlapping seasons, hunters who buy land in Maine can enjoy the pristine property yearlong.

Whether you’re a small game hunter after grouse and snowshoe hare or you are interested in going after some of the biggest animals in the country by hunting moose and bears, Maine hunting land has something to offer all variety of outdoorsmen. If you would like to learn more about our Maine hunting land for sale and see how you can carve out your very own, completely private piece of the Maine wilderness, feel free to contact us today.

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Expansive 695± Acre Property in Meddybemps Maine Sold

Expansive 695± Acre Property in Meddybemps Maine

Meddybemps, ME
695± Acres in Meddybemps, Maine! Nestled in the serene beauty of Meddybemps, this expansive 695± acre property presents an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking a slice of tranquility amidst nature's bounty. Boasting an incredible blend of features and resources, this estate is a dream canvas awaiting your vision. Key Features: 200± Acres of Active Blueberry Fields: A lucrative opportunity for agricultural endeavors or as a steady source of income, these meticulously maintained blueberry fields offer both productivity and natural beauty. 360-Degree Panoramic Views from Green Hill: A crowning jewel of this property, Green Hill provides breathtaking views in every direction. Perfect for building your dream residence or as a picturesque retreat. Exclusive Access: A deeded, chained Right of Way (ROW) ensures privacy and exclusivity, guaranteeing sole access without intrusion from others. Abundant Natural Resources: Explore the landscape dotted with apple trees and an aged yet charming barn, adding rustic charm and potential for restoration projects. Ideal for Hunting and Farming: The diverse terrain and ample acreage make this property a haven for hunting enthusiasts and an excellent canvas for various farming pursuits. Waterfront Appeal: Enjoy the tranquility of thousands of feet of waterfront along unnamed streams and the enchanting fifteenth Stream, adding a touch of serenity and natural allure. Miles of Roads: Explore the vastness of this estate effortlessly, courtesy of well-maintained roads that wind through the property, providing easy access to various points of interest. Potential Uses: Whether envisioning a private retreat, an agricultural venture, or an outdoor enthusiast's haven, this expansive property offers endless possibilities. Embrace the allure of country living, indulge in recreational pursuits, or capitalize on the agricultural potential—this property is poised to fulfill your ambitions. Summary: With its sprawling acreage, diverse landscapes, exclusive access, and a myriad of natural resources, this 695± acre property in Meddybemps stands as a testament to Maine's natural beauty and potential. Whether seeking a private sanctuary, an agricultural venture, or an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, this estate embodies limitless possibilities. Serene, private, and teeming with potential—schedule your visit to experience this unparalleled opportunity.
Charming Cabin on 70 Acres in Maine Sold

Charming Cabin on 70 Acres in Maine

Burnham, ME
Nestled at 88 Whitten Road in Burnham, ME, this turnkey, trophy whitetail hunting property seamlessly blends convenience with an unforgettable way of life. Picture the tranquil early hours, the world adorned in the soft hues of dawn. The cabin's interior, crafted with V match pine and cedar accents, exudes warmth while the aroma of coffee brewing and bacon sizzling on the gas range beckons friends to gather around the table. This charming cabin, built in 2001 atop a well-drained gravel pad with cedar shake exterior and trim, ensures comfort with its modern amenities. A drilled well and full bath complement the rustic yet totally modern atmosphere, offering convenience amidst the wild beauty. The cabin boasts electric power, powered by a photovoltaic system with battery storage, ensuring an uninterrupted connection to comfort while immersed in nature's embrace. Its new wood stove, installed in 2021, promises coziness on even the coldest winter days. Excellent insulation and abundant double pane windows offer both protection from the elements and immersive views of the surrounding wildlife. As the group prepares for the day's hunt, the property unveils its allure—a sprawling 70+ acres of prime whitetail deer habitat, crisscrossed by thoughtfully designed trails. Each trail leads to strategically positioned shooting blinds, named with a touch of history and anticipation: "The Green Monster," "The Meadow Stand," "The Food Plot Stand," and the renowned "Cedar Bog Stand." These blinds hold stories of triumphs and near misses, marking the landscape with the thrill of the hunt. Amidst the excitement, the property's tranquility remains palpable—the captivating "Chain Meadows," the 2200 feet of water frontage along Bear Trap Brook—serving as havens for an array of wildlife.  Moose, deer, bear, otter, beavers as well as owls, eagles, and other raptors all will be seen here, as they call this area home. Beyond its natural splendor, this property offers more than just hunting; it embodies a lifestyle—a retreat from the daily rush, fostering cherished moments. And despite this serene escape, its location remains remarkably convenient—just minutes away from the Troy General Store and a mere 12 miles from Sebasticook Valley Hospital. With its proximity to Bangor (40 minutes) and Boston (3.5 hours), this haven is not just a hunting property; it's an invitation to a cherished way of life, effortlessly blending the thrill of the hunt with the ease of access for individuals from central and southern Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional hunting property. Call now to schedule a viewing and immerse yourself in the history and excitement of these named blinds, making this your haven for unforgettable hunting experiences and cherished moments amidst modern comforts within a rustic setting.
Maine Mountain Land on the Trail Sold

Maine Mountain Land on the Trail

Mt Chase, ME
Are you interested in diversifying your investments with land? Why not combine that investment with your passion for being outside. Are you someone who loves to ride snowmobiles and ATV’s? Maybe you love to hike the Appalachian Trail or explore large expanses of forest. No matter what your outdoor pursuit, you will not find a better location than this 71± acres of forest land in Mount Chase Maine has to offer. LOCATION Located on the Ackley Pond Road in the small town of Mount Chase. This road is part of the International Appalachian Trail System that continues from Baxter State Park meandering through northern Maine then into Canada before terminating at the end of the Gaspe peninsula. In the summer months, the road is a club-maintained ATV trail and during winter the road becomes ITS 81 and is well groomed by the local snowmobile club. The location is rural and remote, yet Shin Pond Village is just a couple miles from the land. It has two stores, a restaurant, and gas available. The town of Patten is located less than 12 miles from the property and with many services including hardware, building materials, grocery store, restaurants, health clinic and more. LAND The 71± acres of forested land has good access over 3,800 feet of road frontage and interior trail. The trees on the land are mixed wood with spruce fir and hemlock along the small brook on the land and predominately hardwoods of maple, beech, and birch on the ridge tops. Located in the foothills of Wadsworth Mountain and Mount Chase, elevations on the property range from 810 to more than 1,000 feet above sea level. NRCS soil survey indicated that much of the soil type is Thorndike, a soil type usually found on hills and mountains. This is a shallow soil formed in a thin mantle of till derived principally from slate, phyllite, or shale. As a somewhat excessively drained soil it is dry a good portion of the year. It does well promoting the growth of the tree species found on this site, and on some of the lesser slopes, could be cleared and cultivated. Potential uses for this property would include timber management, off grid cabin or home location, seasonal rentals for camping or cabin rental, future division and lot sales, hunting, riding, hiking and many more recreational uses. NEARBY A variety of nearby point of interest enhance the location of the property include the north entrance of Baxter State Park, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, East Branch of the Penobscot River, Seboeis River, Grand Lake Matagamon, Upper and Lower Shin Ponds to name just a few. If you are searching for that investment that you can enjoy while its growing, call today and ask for a package of information on 156 Ackley Pond Road in Mount Chase, Maine

Mountain View Land for Sale

Mt Chase, ME
Welcome to 16 Moose Brook Road, Mount Chase, Maine – where panoramic mountain views meet the tranquility of nature on this remarkable 64.7 acre parcel of land. Located approximately 1 1/2 miles from the town-maintained road in an off-grid location, this property offers a secluded escape in the community of Mount Chase. Boasting a diverse landscape, the land features elevations ranging from 810 to 1,120 feet above sea level, providing a picturesque backdrop of rolling hills and wooded expanses. Most of the terrain is wooded with hardwood trees, including maple, birch, and beech. The soil composition, predominantly Thorndike per NRCS, making it an ideal environment for cultivating trees. With 85% of the land covered in this soil type, the property presents an opportunity for tree growth enthusiasts or those seeking a natural haven. Accessibility is key, and this property doesn't disappoint. With approximately 3,300 feet of interior road frontage on two roads providing many points of access onto the property. The potential for division after 5 years enhances the investment versatility of this parcel. For those who appreciate local points of interest, you'll find the charming Shin Pond Village a mere 3± miles away, offering a store, restaurant, and bars to cater to your daily needs. Nature enthusiasts will delight in the proximity to Baxter State Park's North Entrance, just 18± miles from your doorstep. Additionally, Shin Ponds, Seboeis River, and the East Branch of the Penobscot River are within easy reach, providing a range of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and water sports. As an added bonus, Ackley Pond Road serves as an ATV and snowmobile trail system, offering year-round recreational opportunities for adventure seekers. Whether you're envisioning a private retreat or a future development project, this Mountain View land in Mount Chase, Maine, will meet your needs. With Patten, Houlton, Bangor, and Boston within reasonable driving distances, you're connected to both the serenity of a remote area and the conveniences of town life. Discover the potential that awaits at 16 Moose Brook Road.
30 Acres of Recreational Maine Land Sold

30 Acres of Recreational Maine Land

Winthrop, ME
Discover a vast 30-acre parcel nestled at the end of a dead-end road in Winthrop. A two-car garage with ample upstairs space stands at the heart of this property. Despite the presence of a mobile home requiring removal, the groundwork is set with an existing well and septic system. Nature enthusiasts will revel in the abundant hunting opportunities and potential snowmobile trail access. This serene location offers tranquility and convenient power access, seamlessly connecting to the captivating landscapes of the 1,100+ acre Kennebec Land Trust and Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area. Key Features: ● Two-car garage with generous upstairs space for storage. ● Established well and septic system. ● Mobile home present, requiring removal. Outdoor Appeal: ● Abundant hunting opportunities and potential snowmobile trail access. ● Dead-end road ensures privacy and tranquility. ● 30 acres of picturesque landscape with well-marked boundaries. This Winthrop haven is an open canvas for embracing the outdoors, or crafting a unique vision. Step into the possibilities that await at 49 Owens Drive and envision the extraordinary in this picturesque slice of Maine.
Mountain View Maine Land Sold

Mountain View Maine Land

Mt Chase, ME
If your holiday wish list includes a large tract of Maine land providing incredible mountain views while offering a lot of privacy, you owe it to yourself to look at this off grid listing in Northern Penobscot County. LAND This magnificent 48-acre property, with elevations ranging from 870 to 920 feet above sea level, has a diverse landscape with a variety of trees species, creating a captivating natural setting. There are many potential building sites on this ridge top property. The views of Mt. Chase and Mount Katahdin are nothing short of spectacular, providing a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounds you. For stable building sites and for growing everything from trees to crops, NRCS mapping shows this area to be mostly Thorndike soil. The diverse tree growth, proximity to large privately owned fields, and the remote location are all aligned to make this land an exceptional place to see whitetail deer, moose, wild turkeys and many other Maine wildlife species. LOCATION Nestled in Mount Chase, a charming town with a population of 187, this town is aptly named after the majestic mountain peak that graces its northern skyline. This property is conveniently located just 6 miles north of Patten, providing essential services such as grocery store, gas station, hardware shops, a health clinic, and the intriguing Patten Lumberman Museum. For more extensive amenities, Houlton is 32 miles away, offering a hospital and shopping centers, while the vibrant city of Bangor is a mere 95 miles, less than a 1 ½ hour drive mostly via I95. If you're venturing from afar, Portland is 223 miles (3 hours and 15 minutes), and Boston is 329 miles (5 hours) away. POINTS OF INTEREST As you explore the surrounding area, you'll find yourself in close proximity to noteworthy points of interest. Baxter State Park, a mere 25 miles away, beckons with its North Entrance, offering mountain peaks, hiking trails, and wild trout ponds. The Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument, with miles of public access to the area historically explored by Roosevelt and Thoreau, is just 20 miles from your doorstep. Adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to ATV and Snowmobile Clubs & Trails, ensuring year-round enjoyment. The East Branch Penobscot River, with Grand Pitch, provides opportunities for whitewater adventures, canoeing, and salmon and trout fishing. DO NOT DELAY This property encompasses 48 acres of unspoiled beauty, offering not just land but an experience. The taxes are reasonable, considering the extraordinary mountain views that come with this unique piece of Maine. Don't miss the chance to make this property your own.
A Nature Enthusiasts Dream Sold

A Nature Enthusiasts Dream

Drew, ME
Nestled within the sprawling embrace of a 58.72-acre off-grid sanctuary, this property offers an exceptional canvas for nature enthusiasts. Set against the backdrop of the expansive 11,000-acre Mattawamkeag River Wildlife Management Area, this parcel is a gateway to untamed wilderness and natural beauty. Amidst this verdant expanse lies an 1142 square foot salt box structure awaiting transformation. While requiring rehabilitation, the structure offers a base camp—an opportunity for a visionary to craft a rustic haven amidst the lush embrace of nature's bounty. The true marvel of this property lies not solely in the structure but in the majesty of its surroundings. A diverse mixed wood forest blankets the land, a tapestry woven with hardwoods and evergreens. This forest teems with life, providing sanctuary to an array of wildlife—from the playful squirrels and drumming grouse, and occasionally graced by the presence of majestic moose, deer, and bear. The crown jewel of this wilderness is the nearby Mattawamkeag River and its tributaries, a labyrinth of serene waterways lined with large oak and maples and complemented by the enchanting melody of flowing water. For outdoor enthusiasts, these waters offer a tranquil setting for canoeing or kayaking, while anglers can delight in the promise of trout and bass fishing along the river's meandering path. This canvas is an invitation to embrace the splendor of nature—an opportunity to immerse oneself in the symphony of the forest, where the rustling leaves and trickling streams create an orchestra of tranquility. While the structure beckons for rejuvenation, the true allure lies in the surrounding forest—a testament to the untamed beauty waiting to be explored and cherished.
Waters Road Homestead Sold

Waters Road Homestead

Patten, ME
Located in the picturesque community of Patten, Maine lies a 50.7± acre homestead property.  The parcel has year-round access from Waters Road, which is a public, paved roadway.  The tract has 236.9 feet of frontage on Waters Road.  A gravel driveway is in place that leads from Waters Road, back to the approximately 14 acres of grassland and wild apple orchard.  The gravel driveway is approximately 450 feet in length which provides a good amount of privacy from the roadway to the cleared portion of the property.  The driveway will need some attention as it has not been utilized in well over 20 years and the road surface has many small trees that have taken root during that time. Once you get to the end of the driveway the property opens up to a large grassy area that has hundreds of apple trees growing throughout the roughly 14 acres of clearing.   A ready-made apple orchard is here for you.  Nature enthusiasts will welcome the opportunity to restore the fields and tame the wild orchard that has taken root over the past decades.  The USDA soil maps show the vast majority of the soil on the property is farm class soils that can handle intense farming.  Whether you are looking for a homestead, a property to build a hunting and vacation cabin, or just a parcel of land to hold onto, this property lends itself to any of those dreams and more. Once you get back to the forested portion of the property you will find a wide array of tree species growing here.  Pine, Spruce and cedar were found as well as maple, yellow birch, white birch and aspen.  Old logging trails reach out throughout the tract, giving good access to all of the acreage.  A grassy road follows a good portion of the northern boundary of the property.  The road way parallels the rock wall boundary in that section.  This is a great place to go for a walk and also an area where you will often encounter deer, grouse and other forest animals that inhabit the property.  Fresh deer scrapes and rubs were found along this area of the property.  Dozens of apple trees growing along the rock boundary provide food for the resident grouse and deer. Waters Road Homestead is a property that checks a lot of boxes.  Year-round access, utility power, fields and mature timber are all solid checks.  A wide variety of flora and fauna already exist here.  Whether you are looking for a land investment, a homestead location, or a place to build a recreational cabin?  This is a property you will want to seriously consider.  Waters Road Homestead is here for you.
Affordable Off-grid Parcel Sold

Affordable Off-grid Parcel

Winn, ME
Welcome to 35 Branch Road in Winn, Maine – an 11.9± acre parcel of land offering an affordable off-grid retreat with a myriad of recreational opportunities. This property invites outdoor enthusiasts to embrace the Maine wilderness while enjoying activities such as ATV and snowmobile trail riding, hunting, wildlife photography, hiking, and more. Land – This parcel boasts 11.9± surveyed acres of predominantly hardwood timber, featuring beech, yellow and white birch, red maple, as well as some hemlock and balsam fir. The well-drained rocky soils, identified as Thorndike/Winnecook Complex by the NRCS, are ideal for growing trees and can potentially be cleared for cultivated crops and pasture. With elevations ranging from 380 to 420 feet above sea level, the gently rolling terrain provides a picturesque backdrop for your off-grid living or recreational dreams. Location – Situated in the town of Winn, with a population just over 400, this location offers a remote escape while still being within reach of essential amenities. The nearest larger town, Lincoln, is approximately 18 miles away and provides access to hospital, grocery stores, building supplies, and various services. For those seeking a city experience, Bangor is approximately 62 miles away. Potential Uses – Whether you envision building a secluded cabin, creating an RV camping site, utilizing the land for hunting, embracing off-grid living, or investing in a small timber plot for firewood, the possibilities are as vast as the Maine landscape. Nearby Points of Interest – Nature lovers will appreciate the proximity to the Dwinal Pond Wildlife Management area, a sprawling 2,500-acre conservation tract just 1 ½ miles away. The Mattawamkeag and Penobscot Rivers are within 10± miles, offering additional opportunities for outdoor exploration. The property itself features direct access to snowmobile and ATV trails, ensuring that adventure is right at your doorstep. For winter sports enthusiasts, the Mt Jefferson Ski Area is a mere 8± miles away. Come enjoy the Maine wilderness and create your own retreat on this versatile and picturesque parcel at 35 Branch Road in Winn.

A Maine Real Estate Investment to Stand…

Escape the digital world and invest in a tangible opportunity that beckons you to step outside, breathe in the fresh northern Maine air, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. This 450+ acre timberland and waterfront property in T11 R7 WELS offers a chance to own not just a financial asset, but a place to stand, recreate, and create lasting memories. Location Situated in an unorganized township near the center of Aroostook County, this property boasts the advantage of no local government, resulting in low taxes. Aroostook County, affectionately known as "The County," encompasses a land area exceeding 6,800 acres, equivalent to the combined size of Connecticut and Rhode Island. This vast county is renowned for its expansive rolling fields along the eastern border, adjacent to New Brunswick, Canada, and its sprawling forests that stretch from its center to the western border with Quebec, Canada. The county's population stands at approximately 67,000 residents. For your convenience, the nearby service town of Ashland, just 13 miles away, provides essential amenities, including gas, food, and small restaurants. Should you require more extensive services and shopping, the city of Presque Isle is approximately 31 miles away, offering a hospital and a commercial airport. Additionally, this property is well-connected, located 145 miles or 2 ½ hours from Bangor, 246 miles or about 5 hours from Quebec City, and 380 miles or a 6-hour drive from Boston. Land This property spans 450+ acres and boasts approximately 5,800 feet of road frontage along New 12 Mile Dam Road. Most notably, it offers approximately ½ mile of frontage along the stunning Machias River, where you can launch your boat and embark on countless adventures. The Machias River, distinct from the more famous river of the same name in Washington County, originates at Big Machias Lake in T12 R8 and flows for nearly 34 miles before joining the Aroostook River in Ashland. It serves as a major tributary to the Aroostook River within the St John River System. This property is situated in the Pinkham Bridge to Ashland section of the river, a 20-mile stretch celebrated for its excellent paddling opportunities, featuring a couple of class 1 & 2 rapids. The river is also a prime location for encountering wild Maine brook trout. The property's topography ranges from 680 to 860 feet above sea level, and the soils, characterized by Monarda/Telos and Telos/Chesuncook types, host a variety of common tree species, including red spruce, balsam fir, black spruce, northern white cedar, eastern white pine, eastern hemlock, paper birch, white spruce, balsam fir, yellow birch, paper birch, and sugar maple, red maple. Points of Interest This property is conveniently located within the boundary of the North Maine Woods (NMW), an expansive area comprising over 3.5 million acres of top-quality commercial forest land. The NMW is known for its impressive natural beauty and is home to two of the most renowned wild rivers in the Northeast, the St. John and the Allagash. It completely surrounds the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, providing a unique blend of a working forest and remote, pristine recreational areas. Aroostook River & Fish River: The property is in proximity to the Aroostook River and Fish Rivers, both of which are sought-after destinations for paddling and offer outstanding fishing opportunities. Snowmobile and ATV Trails The region hosts Maine's largest and best snowmobile and ATV trail systems, ensuring year-round outdoor adventures. In Conclusion This exceptional property is offered at a competitive price and has low property taxes. With around 5,800 feet of private road frontage and approximately another ½ mile of internal roads, you'll enjoy easy access throughout the land. Moreover, the property provides a half mile of frontage along the Machias River, complete with a boat landing. Mixed timber graces the landscape, promising both financial potential and natural beauty for the discerning investor. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Northern Maine's pristine wilderness.
Mature Forest with Stream Near Bangor Sold

Mature Forest with Stream Near Bangor

Corinth, ME
Discover the perfect piece of Maine wilderness at Rabbit Path in Corinth – a hidden gem offering 15± acres of pristine forested land. If you have been yearning for an escape that is easy to get to, with mature trees, natural beauty, and a water feature, this property is a one you need to see. Nestled off the grid, this property offers 660 feet of private road frontage, ensuring your peace and privacy. A trail winds its way through the property, perfect for leisurely strolls or outdoor adventures. Along the road frontage, you'll find a cleared site, ready for your home or cabin construction. One of the highlights of this property is the presence of a headwater creek of Keyser Stream. This intermittent stream flows 800± feet through the land. This babbling water feature changes throughout the year with every rain and snowmelt. The topography of the land gently slopes between 220 and 250± feet above sea level. The soil composition, including Monarda/Telos and Colonel/Peru/Brayton types, is stony and well-suited for forest and wildlife. Corinth itself is a charming town with a population of 2,900 and a rich history dating back to the 1790s when it was known as Ohio. Located just 16 miles from Bangor, Maine's third-largest city, you'll have easy access to modern amenities, including an airport, restaurants, and cultural events. Portland, Maine's largest city, is 129 miles away, while Boston is within a 4-hour drive at 235 miles. What makes Rabbit Path truly special is its proximity to an array of points of interest. You can reach the University of Maine (UMO) in just half an hour, offering educational opportunities, performing arts, and sporting events. Bangor, is one of the country’s best small cities and boasts great restaurants, the Cross Center for cultural and sporting events, a summer outdoor concert series at the Bangor Waterfront Pavilion, and many other cultural events during the year. For outdoor enthusiasts, Rabbit Path is strategically located within easy reach of Bar Harbor (66 miles), Moosehead Lake (53 miles), the Appalachian Trail (43+ miles to the entrance of the 100-mile Wilderness in Monson), and Baxter State Park (85 miles to the south entrance of the park). Don't miss the chance to own this incredible 15± acre forested parcel in Corinth, Maine.  This property offers a rare opportunity to embrace the tranquility of nature while staying connected to exciting nearby attractions.
15 Acres of Maine Coastal Land Sold

15 Acres of Maine Coastal Land

Steuben, ME
Nestled in the charming coastal town of Steuben, Maine, this expansive 15± acre parcel of land offers an affordable opportunity to own a slice of picturesque Maine coastal living. With an impressive 2,600± feet of road frontage on both public and private roads, this corner lot on Mogador and Harbor Heights Road provides easy access and offers an array of possibilities for development or personal use. One of the most appealing features of this property is the deeded 40 feet of beach access on Dyer Bay, a stunning 6-mile long bay of the Atlantic Ocean, situated just 14 miles northeast of the renowned Bar Harbor, Maine. This gives you the chance to indulge in the beauty of the Maine coastline with the sounds of the ocean at your doorstep. With the convenience of electric and communication lines at the roadside, building your dream coastal home is made even more accessible. The land has a diverse mix of hardwood and softwood trees, creating a natural setting for your future abode or retreat. Steuben, a quaint coastal fishing community, has a population of just 1,129, ensuring a peaceful and close-knit environment. The town's allure is further heightened by its proximity to protected natural areas, including the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge, comprising five refuges spanning nearly 9,500 acres. Additionally, the Pigeon Hill Preserve, with its summit standing as the highest coastal property in Washington County at 317 feet, offers breathtaking panoramic views encompassing landmarks such as the Donnell Pond Public Reserved Lands, Acadia National Park, Petit Manan Lighthouse, and the scenic Greater Pleasant Bay Region. In addition to the natural beauty and recreational opportunities, the property enjoys low taxes, making it an attractive investment for those looking to experience the beauty of coastal Maine. Whether you envision building your dream home, a vacation retreat, or simply holding this land as an investment, this 15± acre parcel with deeded bay access is a rare find that shouldn't be missed.
Mill Brook Forest Sold

Mill Brook Forest

Hersey, ME
Mill Brook Forest is a 115± acre tract of timberland located in the town of Hersey, ME, along the Aroostook Scenic Highway, also known as Route 11.  The timber tract has everything the recreational land buyer is looking for.  Those items are accessibility, proximity to electric power, merchantable timber, a water feature and wildlife habitat.  This is a tremendous softwood, and mixed wood forest located along Mount Chase, and other peaks that are part of the Appalachian Mountain range. Let’s talk about accessibility and access to power first.  With nearly 1100 feet of frontage along Route 11, the property is year-round accessible.  Utility power is located at the street along the Aroostook Scenic Highway.  The timber tract is located in the small town of Hersey which has a population of just 73, according to the latest census data.  Just 8 miles away is the community of Patten, Maine where you will find groceries, hardware, healthcare and more.  The scenic town of Patten has a year-round population of 881. The 115± acre tract has been owned by the same family for nearly 50 years.  They have managed the woodlot very well and you will find the property has a healthy mixed wood forest that has been well cared for.  There is a good mix of timber types as well as age classes, which make this a very healthy and diverse tract of timberland.  I found saw log sized timber which included hardwood as well as softwood logs through the stand.  There is a portion of the property that has not been logged since they owned the property and it had some very impressive spruce logs that were encountered on a recent walk through the property. Mill Brook meanders through the property with nearly 5200 feet of brook frontage through the tract.  The brook has plunging pools, and small waterfalls and riffles, as well as more placid areas along its course.  The water in the brook is crystal clear and has a gravel and sand bottom.  The green strip along the waterway was protected during the wood harvest on the property.  Animal tracts of deer and moose were prevalent in the damp earth along the crystal-clear brook. Mill Brook Forest has a very good population of wildlife.  Moose, deer, grouse and more are found here in healthy numbers.  The past logging efforts have created a healthy ecosystem for the resident game animals as well as the other forest creatures and song birds that inhabit the wooded acreage.  The brook existing on the property provides water to the animals that inhabit the area.  If you are in the market for a tract of land as a timber investment that you can also enjoy as a hunting property.  This is the one.  It has everything you are looking for; wildlife, timber, access and power. Call today and make it yours.
Maine Timberland Lot for Sale Sold

Maine Timberland Lot for Sale

Amity, ME
Maine timberland lot for sale.  Located in Amity, Maine is a 27± acre parcel of timberland for sale.  The property would be ideal for a buy and hold parcel to add to your investment mix.  The land could also be a cabin or off-grid homesite in a rural part of Maine, known for its recreational opportunities.  It has very good access along Monument Road.  There is 420 feet of road frontage along Monument Road and a very well-built gravel driveway that is 350 feet long that leads to a clearing off the road for a private camp site. The topography of the timber tract is sloped.  The land rises from the low point of 600 feet above sea level to a high point of approximately 680 feet above sea level.  The soils that make up the site are predominantly silty loams that are described as capable of handling intense farming.  Roughly 75% of the lot has class 2 soils that would work well for growing farm crops.  The property was last logged over 30 years ago and is well stocked with merchantable timber. The stand of trees on the property varies from hardwood stands to some mixed wood. The majority of the property having stands of hardwood comprised of maple, birch and some beach thrown into the mix.  Pockets of mixed wood with the majority of the softwood stems being spruce and fir with some larger hemlock.  The old logging trails are easy to walk along throughout most of the parcel. The Town of Amity is a small community of approximately 250 residents.  The area is very rural and is a border community with New Brunswick, Canada.  Monument road actually terminates at a monument set on the borderline between the two countries.  The service center for the area is the community of Houlton where you will find healthcare, dining, retail and service businesses.  Houlton is the southern Aroostook center of commerce for the region.  If you are looking for an off-grid parcel of surveyed timberland, with great access, you will want to closely examine this lot on Monument Road in the town of Amity.
Lot 4 Oakfield Hills Sold

Lot 4 Oakfield Hills

Oakfield, ME
Located on Nelson Road, adjacent to Sam Drew Mountain in the town of Oakfield, Maine is a 44.5± acre surveyed parcel of timberland.  The property was last logged around 1990, and is well stocked with stands of hardwood and mixed wood throughout it.  The timberland tract is off-grid as the powerlines are quite a distance from it.  It has over 2900 feet of frontage along Nelson Road which provides good access to the majority of the lot. The surveyed tract has no danger of flooding as the low point of the property is 1100 feet above sea level and the top of the lot is located at an elevation of 1300 feet above sea level.  The sloping property has dramatic views of the mountain range known as Oakfield Hills.  Panoramic views of the ridges and valleys are available in every direction.  If you are looking for an off-grid home or cabin site with panoramic views in every direction, then this is the property for you. It is located on Nelson Road, which is a gravel roadway that is not maintained by the municipality.  Nelson Road is also part of the areas ATV trail system, offering direct trail access from the parcel.  Most of the surrounding properties are undeveloped timber tracts, but a few of them have had off-grid cabins built upon them.  The Oakfield Hills lot 4 parcel is a clean pallet awaiting your vision.  Whether you are looking for a small timber tract as an investment to hold onto, or a location to build your off-grid retreat, this is a property you should look to.
Escape to the Maine Woods – 22+ Acres of Remote Paradise Sold

Escape to the Maine Woods – 22+…

Brownville, ME
Are you yearning for a tranquil escape to a remote off-grid sanctuary? Whether you dream of parking your RV, constructing a cozy cabin, establishing a self-sufficient homestead, or simply seeking a base for your Maine wilderness adventures, your search ends here. Welcome to 22± acres of pristine natural beauty in Brownville, Maine, where you can immerse yourself in the serenity of the wilderness, all within an hour's drive from the city of Bangor. Location Brownville A picturesque town of 1,100 residents known for its welcoming community, historic railroad station in Brownville Junction, Wildwoods Restaurant, extensive ATV and snowmobile trails, vast forests, and abundant Maine wildlife. - Only 7 miles from Milo, offering convenient access to a grocery store, restaurants, gas stations, hardware, and building supplies. - A mere 45 miles from the vibrant city of Bangor, with its regional airport just 42 miles away, ensuring easy connectivity. - You're also 150 miles from Portland and 254 miles from Boston, making this property an ideal escape from the city hustle in just a few hours' drive. Land Features - Spanning 22± acres, this property boasts an impressive 2,500± feet of frontage along Alder Brook and another small unnamed tributary to Alder Brook, which meanders for 8-9 miles before joining the Piscataquis River, part of the Penobscot River system—a haven for wild brook trout and waterfowl. - With approximately 1,700 feet of frontage along Smith Road, you have numerous options to select the perfect site for your development dreams. - Elevations range from 450 to 500 feet above sea level. - Per NRCS mapping, the soil composition consists of the Danforth-Masardis-Peacham association, known for its depth and variation, making it ideal for trees, wildlife habitat, and potential pastureland, but not suitable for farming. Nearby Points of Interest - A short 2.6-mile drive takes you to a boat landing on the breathtaking Schoodic Lake. - The pristine Pleasant River, where the East and West Branches merge just north of this property in Brownville. - Access the Piscataquis River just a couple of miles south in the town of Milo. - Venture 21 miles to the Northern Maine Woods (NMW) Entrance at KI, where you can explore the Katahdin Ironworks State Historic Site, Gulf Hagas (Maine's Grand Canyon), and the 100-mile wilderness of the Appalachian Trail between Monson and Mt. Katahdin. - Don't forget to visit the Brownville Deer Pantry, just 8 miles west on Rips Road, for an unforgettable wildlife experience. Endless Possibilities - Create your dream cabin and embrace the tranquility of this serene landscape. - Enjoy fishing in the nearby waterways, hunting in the vast wilderness, and exhilarating ATV and snowmobile adventures right from your property. - Consider establishing a self-sufficient homestead or explore the potential for timber investment, perfect for producing firewood. Don't miss your chance to make this "Escape to the Maine Woods" your reality.
128± Acres of Riverfront Forest Land Sold

128± Acres of Riverfront Forest Land

Sebec, ME
Escape to your own private wilderness with this exceptional 128± acre parcel of land in Sebec, Maine. If you are in search of seclusion, natural beauty, and a stunning riverfront setting, this property provides all that and more. Location The land is located off the Town Farm Road in Sebec near the southeast corner of Piscataquis County. This is the second largest and least populated county in Maine. This land promises the kind of tranquility that is increasingly hard to find. In a county with only 17,000 people scattered across more than 4,300 square miles, you will experience the true essence of solitude with fewer than 5 people per square mile. With just a short 15-minute drive to Dover-Foxcroft, Bangor less than an hour drive and Boston within a 4-hour reach, you will have the best of both worlds: remote wilderness living and access to modern amenities. Land As you explore this 128± acre expanse of wilderness, you will encounter a variety of hardwood and softwood timber species and varied terrain, with elevations ranging from 300 feet near the water to 520+ feet above sea level at the highpoint of the land. NRCS mapping reveals that more than 50% of the property consists of Plaisted Howland Penquis Association – This is a stoney rich soil, good for growing trees, has potential for grazing lands, and is excellent for wildlife habitats. While off the grid, this land presents opportunities for alternative power solutions, making it an ideal canvas for those who seek a self-sustaining lifestyle. Water Features Perhaps the most enchanting feature of this land is the 4,000± feet of river frontage along the Sebec River. Here, you can watch the world go by, fish for brook trout, landlocked salmon, and smallmouth bass, or even land and dock a float plane on this pristine waterway. Additionally, an unnamed brook originating from the hillside south of the land flows through the property for nearly 1,700 feet, this is the perfect backdrop for potential building sites where you can listen to soothing sounds of running waters. Nearby POI For those looking to explore the natural wonders of Maine, you will find numerous points of interest nearby, including Sebec Lake, Schoodic Lake, Moosehead Lake, Gulf Hagas (Maine's Grand Canyon), and the 100-mile wilderness area of the Appalachian Trail. For cultural activities you will find something to do year-round in Sebec and the nearby communities. From annual festivals, craft fairs, club organized poker runs, local community suppers, incredible concerts and more. Make It Happen This versatile land presents many opportunities, whether you are looking for a secluded retreat, an investment in timber, or considering subdividing and selling riverfront lots. Whether you are into birdwatching, fishing, paddling, hunting, or trail riding, this property and location is sure to meet your pursuits. What would you use this land for? The possibilities are many. Come and experience the serenity and beauty of this Maine wilderness retreat, where nature's wonders await your exploration.
Charming New England Farmhouse with Acreage and Riverfront Sold

Charming New England Farmhouse with Acreage and…

Lincoln, ME
Riverbend Farm is a timeless property, that embodies the essence of rural Maine living coupled with rich history. This charming New England Farmhouse, dating back to 1832, boasts 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, inviting you to step back in time while enjoying modern comforts. Nestled on a sprawling 18.5-acre lot with 785 feet of Penobscot River and Route 2 frontage, this home conveys a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. The property features a private well and septic for as well as a gray water pit for the kitchen sink, ensuring functionality in a rustic setting. The lot includes a paddock, pasture, and fields that are ready to be brought back to life with a little bushhogging and mowing. A well-placed beaver dam along the river creates a logan perfect for duck hunting, adding to the allure of the landscape. A small private pond, apple trees and tall grasses in the pasture, attract wildlife like deer, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. The Penobscot River, a defining feature of the region, stretches 109 miles and offers spectacular smallmouth bass fishing in Lincoln. Adventurous souls can explore class 5 rapids further north, providing exhilarating whitewater rafting and kayaking experiences. Step into the antique farmhouse rich with history, showcasing unique features like a summer kitchen/pantry, a tin ceiling salvaged from the Lincoln Theater and many built-ins that take advantage of the nooks and crannies in the formal living room. There is also a parlor with a wood stove, the master bedroom, with walk-in closet and a charming glassed-in 3-season porch. Ascending to the upper floor, you'll find two cozy bedrooms, a central playroom, and a walk-in storage closet as well as the second bath.. The barn, a true relic of the past, stands as a testament to the property's age, providing ample space for storage and potential livestock accommodations. With a blend of modern heating solutions, including a heat pump, and rustic charm, this home is a haven for those seeking a unique blend of history and comfort. The painted wide pine floors upstairs, metal roof, and aluminum siding add to the home's character, making this a truly exceptional and timeless dwelling. Lincoln, a service hub for neighboring communities, offers a splendid blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. With 13 lakes and proximity to Baxter State Park, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, and Gulf Hagas, the outdoorsy spirit thrives here. Water sports and fishing are abundant in the 13 lakes of Lincoln, providing endless possibilities for those seeking aquatic adventures. For those craving urban delights, a short 50 minute drive to Bangor offers a diverse array of shopping, entertainment, and cultural experiences.  As the town slogan says – “Come for the Lakes – Stay for the Lifestyle”!
A Homestead Fit for the Gods/Maine Real Estate Sold

A Homestead Fit for the Gods/Maine Real…

Lakeville, ME
Welcome to 20 Asgard Road, a truly unique rural homestead nestled in the town of Lakeville, Maine. While it may not be the legendary Asgard, this property offers a slice of paradise that is as close to Valhalla as you can get in Maine. This scenic property has been meticulously carved out of the Maine woods, offering you a glimpse of rustic tranquility. As you explore this 45+ acre property, you will encounter a variety of structures, including the main cabin, an unfinished second cabin, a versatile multipurpose building that could be transformed into a third cabin, a shed, workshop, barn, and more. A Location to Call Home Lakeville Maine is a small town in the eastern part of the state. The towns population of wildlife certainly surpasses the 100± people living in this town. The residents here take pride in conserving their hard-earned dollars and have voted on one of the lowest tax rates in New England. Lakeville is appropriately named as it has numerous lakes dotting the landscape. Large sprawling cold waters such as Junior Lake and Sysladobsis Lake are opposed by smaller ponds such as Bottle Lake and Upper and Lower Pug Ponds. These are the headwaters of the famous Grand Lake Stream and St. Croix River system. Buildings & Improvements The main cabin, measuring 16 x 24 feet, welcomes you with its hardwood floors and a cozy interior. It boasts modern conveniences, including essential appliances, and a vintage 1912 Trolle Wood stove for warmth during the colder months. The cabin rests on concrete pads with 2 inches of foam insulation underneath the pads. Adjacent to the main cabin, you will find a 10 x 16-foot tool shed/workshop, complete with a workbench and electricity. A 12 x 24-foot insulated multipurpose building offers the potential to be converted into an additional cabin. And for environmentally-conscious living, there is a composting outhouse on the property. Adding to the versatility of this homestead is an 8 x 8-foot farm stand, ready for use as a charming market or easily repurposed for other creative endeavors. A guest cabin, measuring 16 x 16 feet, is shelled in and is ready for your personal touch and customization. Finally, an 8X10 portable chicken coop and a 20 X 40 livestock barn complete the essential structures for this incredible homestead. Glorious Land The land here is a nature lover's dream. Several improved areas, with an eye towards the artistic and meditative, including two forested rock gardens with monuments and carvings, forested hiking trails, and a stream side thinning. All sure to help you forget a hectic life and improve your state of mind. The property fronts on Bottle Lake Road for approximately 650 feet, and the 45.3 acres have been surveyed and the plan recorded in the registry of deeds. The soil, a mix of Thorndike, Winnecook, Howland, Dixmont rocky & stony loams, holds great potential for cultivation once cleared of stones and rocks. The rolling terrain, ranging from approximately 360 to 460 feet above sea level, offers stunning views of Dill Ridge. A portion of the land, 4± acres, has been thoughtfully cleared of trees, stumps, and rocks and enriched using the techniques of renowned farmer Joel Salatin. The portable chicken coop is a testament to these sustainable farming practices, and the quality of the grasses is proof of its success. Fruit trees and other plantings further enhance the property's natural beauty. Two Water Features Don't miss the opportunity to explore the two beautiful brooks on this parcel, with about 650 feet of an unnamed brook providing a serene setting and cold, trout-rearing waters. Dill Brook, a tributary to Bottle Lake, also meanders for about the same distance through the forest, adding to the property's natural charm. Life is Short… Do Not Waste It You know you deserve a property like this, so do not wait another minute. Call now and schedule your tour of Asgard!
Maine Timberland Lot for Sale Sold

Maine Timberland Lot for Sale

Amity, ME
Maine timberland lot for sale.  Located in Amity, Maine is a 45± acre, surveyed parcel of timberland for sale.  The property would be ideal for a buy and hold parcel to add to your investment mix.  The land could also be a cabin or off-grid homesite in a rural part of Maine, known for its recreational opportunities.  It has very good access along Monument Road.  There is approximately 762± feet of road frontage which provides good access.  Old logging trails can be found under the tall canopy which make great hiking paths when viewing the property. The topography of the timber tract is sloped.  The land rises from the low point of 540 feet above sea level to a high point of approximately 610 feet above sea level.  The soils that make up the site are predominantly silty loams that are described as capable of handling intense farming.  Roughly 2/3 of the lot has class 2 soils that would work well for growing farm crops.  The trees growing on this section of the lot are noticeably larger, straighter and in better overall condition than the trees growing on the roughly 13 acres that are characterized as class 7 soil. The stand of trees on the property varies from hardwood stands to some mixed wood. The majority of the property having stands of hardwood comprised of maple, birch and some beach thrown into the mix.  Pockets of mixed wood with the majority of the softwood stems being fir.  The fir I observed appeared to be growing pretty well, especially in the area with the better soil conditions.  The property was last logged in 2012, and looks very good.  The old logging trails are easy to walk along throughout most of the parcel. The Town of Amity is a small community of approximately 250 residents.  The area is very rural and is a border community with New Brunswick, CA.  Monument road actually terminates at a monument set on the borderline between the two countries.  The service center for the area is the community of Houlton where you will find healthcare, dining, retail and service businesses.  Houlton is the southern Aroostook center of commerce for the region.  If you are looking for an off-grid parcel of surveyed timberland, with great access, you will want to closely examine this lot on Monument Road in the town of Amity.

60 Acres of Pristine Maine Land

Mattawamkeag, ME
Welcome to your 60-acre oasis in Kingman Township, Maine. This property offers 1,700± feet of waterfront along Molunkus Stream, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and recreation. In addition to its waterfront charm, the property comes with essential infrastructure, including a drilled well and a potentially functional septic system, simplifying your development plans. Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the abundant animals and hunting opportunities. With year-round access on Route 170 and great cell phone service, this property combines convenience with a peaceful setting. An existing rough driveway and a small field/building area provide a solid foundation for your retreat. This 60-acre haven invites you to embrace the Maine lifestyle and create your dream sanctuary. Contact us today to explore this property and make it your own.
Off Grid Forest land for Sale in Maine Sold

Off Grid Forest land for Sale in…

Greenbush, ME
Welcome to a hidden gem in the heart of Maine's wilderness – 44.8 acres of off-grid forested land. If you have been on the hunt for an affordable slice of Maine land, whether for recreation, investment, or to create your own rural off-grid haven, your search ends here. Location is Everything: Lot 26 Wolf Run Trail, Greenbush - Situated in Greenbush, a Penobscot County community with a population of 1,444 according to the 2020 census. - The nearest city, Old Town, is just 21 miles away. - Bangor, northern Maine’s largest city, has an international airport, two hospitals, and cultural amenities like restaurants, festivals, fairs, and concerts, is a mere 28 miles away. - For those seeking a city adventure, Boston is approximately 262 miles, or a 4-hour and 15-minute drive, from this tranquil forestland. Land Features - Access over a private gravel road. - The property spans a generous 44.8± acres. - Rest assured, this land has been surveyed, with a detailed plan available for your review. - NRCS Soil survey reveals a predominantly Scantic soil type, with some stony areas and occasional water excess, making it ideal for forestry, possibly limited grazing, and diverse wildlife habitat. - A brook meanders along the eastern side of the land, complemented by a tributary at the property's center. - With elevations ranging from 160 to 210 feet above sea level, the gently sloping terrain simplifies timber management, keeping costs in check. - An existing driveway extends approximately 250 feet from Wolf Run Trail, leading you to a cleared building site. - The land boasts a mix of timber, including various hardwoods and spruce, fir, pine. Uses & Recreation Opportunities - Timber investment is an attractive prospect, with potential tax benefits under tree growth tax status. - Discover the ideal cabin site, conveniently located near the end of the driveway, offering a retreat in the heart of the forest. - Wildlife enthusiasts and hunters will appreciate the diverse habitat supporting white-tailed deer, black bears, grouse, woodcock, snowshoe hare and waterfowl. Explore the wetlands in the south-central and eastern edges of the land, Otter Brook, and its tributaries. - If you're an ATV enthusiast, this property is perfect for trail riding with access over the private and public road system. - Anglers will find joy in the proximity to the Penobscot River, just 10 miles from the nearest boat landing. - Access to Studmill Road, a few miles away with tens of thousands of acres of private forestland open to permissioned public access, perfect for hunting, fishing, trail riding, and more. - Nature lovers and hikers will appreciate the proximity to the Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Area. Conclusion - Priced at an attractive $49,900, this 44.8-acre surveyed property offers not only beautiful trees and diverse wildlife habitat but also excellent hunting opportunities. - Enjoy the tranquility of off-grid living while remaining close to major service areas. - With taxes at just $302/year for 2022, this forested property is not only a nature lover's dream but also an investment opportunity. Don't miss out on this chance to make your forested dreams a reality in the scenic wilderness of Maine. Contact us today to schedule a viewing and start your journey to off-grid living and investment in this exceptional property.
Lombard Mountain Forest Sold

Lombard Mountain Forest

Lakeville, ME
Lombard Mountain Forest is a 30-acre, tract of surveyed timberland.  The parcel is located in the town of Lakeville at the very end of Eagle Ridge.  The property consists of 30± surveyed acres at the top of Lombard Mountain and from its elevated location views of Lombard Lake and several ridges to the northwest will captivate you.  The location is very private, with the final access to the property being along a trail that in its current state is best suited for an ATV. The mountain top property is a very attractive site.  The property has not been commercially logged in over 40 years, so the woods are very open with large spruce, beech, maple, and a few tall pines making up the majority of the inventory of timber.  This would make a fantastic off-grid cabin site, or even a great location to build a tent platform, install a privy and have a very comfortable and private getaway location for you and your friends. The trail into the property is part of the deeded ROW from when the property was surveyed and subdivided in the mid-1980’s.  There are also two other ROW’s that benefit the property with one coming from the Spaulding Pond Road to the property and a second ROW from Spaulding Pond Road to Lombard Lake provides 50 feet of access to Lombard Lake for the new owner of this lot. The property has 300 feet of elevation change along it with the peak being at an elevation of 950 feet above sea level and the bottom of the lot at an elevation of 650 feet above sea level.  At the top there are two areas that are gently sloping towards steeper areas.  Those locations would be the best location for a cabin or tent site.  With the removal of some trees the views towards Lombard Lake and the west are impressive.  This is an area where during a moonless night, the stars would seem to be just out of reach of your grasp from the top of Lombard Mountain.  If you have been looking for a private yet accessible property to purchase, this is a real nice parcel that you will want to view this one soon. Lakeville is a small, rural town in Penobscot County, and it is known as having one of the lowest tax rates in the entire state.  Lakeville has a year-round population of approximately 105 individuals.  It does have a much larger seasonal population as it is an area with a large number of camps and cottages located in the woods and along the shores of its many lakes and ponds.  In addition to Lombard Lake, you will find Bottle Lake, Duck Lake, Junior Lake, West Grand Lake Upper and Lower Sysladobsis Lakes and more.  This is a fantastic area for outdoor recreation.  Hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, and ATV and snowmobile riding are all enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.  Come take a walk to the top of Lombard Mountain and Lombard Mountain Forest.
23± Acres of recreational land Sold

23± Acres of recreational land

Lagrange, ME
This 23± acre Maine forestland in LaGrange is now available for just $34,500. With 33± feet of frontage along the year-round maintained Brimstone Road and a private access road extending about ¼ mile into the property, this parcel offers accessible seclusion. The gradual rise in elevation to 450 feet opens up solid building options along the interior road. Perfect for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, Sebec and Schoodic Lake boat landings are conveniently reachable within 30 minutes. A year-round multi-use trail for snowmobiles and ATVs is just two miles away. Plus, with power lines along the road and a 37-minute drive to Bangor International Airport, modern conveniences are within easy reach. Intrigued? Contact us for more details and take a step closer to making this retreat your own.