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Hunting is one of the oldest and proudest Tar Heel traditions. North Carolinians have a keen sense of the equipment and tactics necessary for hunting the state’s many varieties of game and waterfowl. We provide premium North Carolina hunting land, offering a secluded spot to hunt the state’s most challenging creatures.

Guide To NC Game

North Carolina is home to countless swift and formidable game animals, including:

  • Big Game- NC citizens can hunt white-tail deer, wild turkeys, and even black bears. Bears and deer are subject to different seasons across the state, while turkeys can be hunted during a single season statewide.
  • Small Game- Our state’s smaller fare includes squirrels, quail, foxes, groundhogs, bobcats, coyotes, crows, beavers, pheasant, and even armadillos. Foxes are subject to seasonal restrictions set at the county level, while most other small game follow statewide regulations.
  • Waterfowl- North Carolina’s migratory game fowl include ducks, Canada geese, light geese, tundra swans, and other varieties of goose and swan. Many of these fowl are subject to state licensing and shot toxicity requirements.
  • Webless Fowl- These game birds include snipe, woodcocks, and a variety of rails. All are subject to seasonal limits.
  • Mourning Doves- North Carolina hunters have a unique opportunity to hunt mourning and white-winged doves.

In addition to selling hunting properties, we also offer hunting land for lease in North Carolina. Thus whether you seek a permanent hunting perch or grounds for a temporary expedition, we are happy to accommodate you. We offer in-depth information on all of our properties, allowing you to select the perfect site for your particular interests and needs.

Don’t let the opportunity for a great hunt pass you by. For more information on buying or leasing premium North Carolina hunting land, contact us today.

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275-Acre Timberland for Sale in Tyrrell County, NC New

275-Acre Timberland for Sale in Tyrrell County,…

Columbia, NC
Discover the epitome of wilderness with this expansive 275-acre timberland property nestled in the heart of Tyrrell County. Situated just minutes from Columbia, NC, and a mere 35 miles from the picturesque Manteo, NC, this property boasts an enviable location that combines the tranquility of rural living with convenient access to local attractions. For those with a passion for water, the property is less than 6 miles from the serene Albemarle Sound, offering multiple of water activities. This vast expanse isn't just about its location; it's a hunter's paradise. Renowned for its exceptional trophy black bear, deer, and duck hunting opportunities, this property promises thrilling outdoor adventures. The land features 1700 feet of road frontage on Newlands Road and an impressive 2100 feet of road front on Highway 94, ensuring access and ample privacy. Moreover, with 5500 feet of creek front on Riders Creek, it offers a natural habitat for wildlife. The timberland is adorned with scattered timber, including young Cypress trees, hinting at a prosperous long-term investment as these trees mature. The presence of such valuable timber adds not only to the aesthetic appeal of the property but also to its potential for future financial returns. This property is more than just land; it's an opportunity to own a piece of the great outdoors, with the promise of adventure, tranquility, and investment growth. Whether you're an avid hunter, a nature lover, or an investor looking for a valuable addition to your portfolio, this 275-acre timberland in Tyrrell County represents a unique and compelling offering that is hard to overlook.
247-Acre Woodland for Sale in Tyrrell County, NC – Prime Hunting Land New

247-Acre Woodland for Sale in Tyrrell County,…

Columbia, NC
Nestled in the heart of Tyrrell County and merely a stone's throw away from Columbia, North Carolina, this 247-acre expanse of pristine woodland presents an unparalleled opportunity for both investment and recreation. A mere 6 miles from the tranquil waters of Albemarle Sound and just over 35 miles from the historic charm of Manteo, NC, this property is perfectly positioned for those who appreciate the serenity of nature alongside convenient access to local attractions. This vast tract of land is a hunter's paradise, renowned for its exceptional trophy black bear, deer, and wild turkey hunting opportunities. The dense ftimber provide a natural habitat for an abundant wildlife population, making it an ideal location for sportsmen seeking the thrill of the hunt or nature enthusiasts eager to explore the great outdoors. The presence of a robust stand of pine trees not only adds to the scenic beauty of the property but also holds considerable long-term timber value, promising a lucrative return on investment over time. Surrounded by other timberland and farmland, this property offers a sense of seclusion and privacy while still being part of a vibrant community of landowners. The strategic location and natural resources available on this land make it a wise choice for those looking to invest in a property that offers both immediate recreational possibilities and future financial returns. Whether you're an avid hunter dreaming of your own private hunting grounds, a nature lover seeking a secluded retreat, or an investor looking for a property with significant growth potential, this 247-acre woodland in Tyrrell County is a rare find. It offers not just a piece of land but a gateway to a lifestyle where the beauty of nature and the excitement of the hunt blend seamlessly with the promise of a sound, long-term investment.

Beaufort County NC Ultimate Hunting Estate: Ducks…

Washington, NC
Experience the ultimate hunter's paradise in Beaufort County, North Carolina, a spectacular property now on the market. This is not just land—it's a legacy, offering a tailor-made duck impoundment with a strategically positioned pit blind for an unrivaled hunting experience. The 30-acre cypress swamp, complete with flashboard water control, is perfect for planting millet or rice to attract waterfowl. Picture yourself amidst mallards, wood ducks, gadwall, teal, and Canadian geese, with up to six discreetly placed duck blinds for undisturbed hunting. The adventure doesn't stop with waterfowl; this property is also home to massive white-tailed deer and long-bearded turkeys. Enhance your hunting with multiple box stands overlooking well-maintained food plots and shooting lanes, perfect for the patient marksman. Small game enthusiasts will revel in pursuing rabbits, squirrels, dove, and the rare fox squirrel. But it's not all about the hunt. With 1.5 miles of Tranters Creek frontage, anglers can revel in the thrill of catching crappie, bream, and largemouth bass. And when the day is done, soak in the tranquility and natural beauty that only this fabulous ecosystem can provide. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of North Carolina's hunting and fishing heaven.
475-Acre Prime Hunting Land for Sale in Pitt County, NC Sold

475-Acre Prime Hunting Land for Sale in…

Whitehurst, NC
Discover an unparalleled opportunity with this expansive 475+/- acre hunting tract nestled in the rich landscapes of Pitt County. Perfectly positioned with 2500 feet of road frontage on Station Mill Rd, this property is an ideal sanctuary for avid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The proximity to Greenville and Washington NC, and just 1.5 hours from Raleigh, enhances its appeal as a retreat that's close enough for weekend getaways yet far enough to escape the hustle and bustle. Boasting 6 FSA acres, this tract is predominantly comprised of 350 acres of cutover woodland, providing a fertile ground for regrowth and natural habitat development. The maturity of the land is showcased with 80 acres of 20-year-plus thinned pines, creating an aesthetically pleasing and manageable woodland. The diversity of flora is further enriched with 30 acres of mixed pines and hardwoods that have also been thoughtfully thinned, promoting healthy growth and biodiversity. The property's substantial acreage is not only a haven for a variety of wildlife but also a prime investment opportunity. Envision transforming this blank canvas into your dream property, whether it be a private hunting preserve, a conservation project, or a family legacy to pass down through generations. Its potential as a great long-term investment is evident, with enough space to manage for wildlife and cultivate a sanctuary for nice whitetail, trophy black bear, wild turkeys, and more. This large game hunting tract offers plenty of room for wildlife management practices, giving you the freedom to create an optimal environment for game population growth. Whether you're establishing food plots, creating strategic hunting blinds, or setting up a comprehensive management plan for wildlife, this property is your gateway to realizing your vision. In summary, this 475+/- acre tract is a rare find for those looking to secure a substantial piece of the great outdoors. Its location, vast size, and diversity make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a serene getaway, a passionate hunting experience, or a wise long-term investment. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of Pitt County's finest hunting lands and craft it into a legacy that stands the test of time.


Bullock, NC
Welcome to your dream lakefront getaway! This stunning log cabin is nestled on a sprawling 10.55-acre property, boasting an impressive 1,332 feet of picturesque shoreline bordering the Corp. property. The possibilities are endless with this expansive lot, as it can be subdivided to suit your specific vision and desires. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you escape to this scenic country oasis. The property's serene surroundings provide a sense of calm and relaxation, making it the ideal destination for anyone seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Despite its secluded setting, this property is conveniently located just a short distance away from various amenities. Savor the best of both worlds with close proximity to dining, shopping centers, and hospitals, ensuring that your needs are met without compromising the serenity of your country escape. Inside the charming log cabin, the primary suite offers abundant space, perfect for remote work. It features a large walk-in closet and beautiful private bathroom. There is another 1st floor BR and bath and large loft bedroom. Private dock permit easily obtainable. Buoy permit is already in place. $1,150,000.00 Call Today! 434-374-2011 Email: