Bear Davidson

For twenty years, Bear has been involved in the ranching and marketing of Texas
Longhorn cattle. Thirteen of those years he managed one of the largest operations in
the country handling the sales and marketing, developing systems to further improve
efficiencies and profitability within the ranch and farming community. In 2015, he
founded Eastwind StockCo Consulting helping other ranches find profitability and
consistency within the agricultural world. In 2018, Bear became the managing partner
and founder of a sales and promotions company called The Longhorn Legacy Group
that hosted sales and auctions all across the United States.
As a lifelong hunter, Bear grew up chasing whitetails in Pennsylvania until moving to
Virginia following college. Since then Bear has traveled North American hunting all sorts
of critters from dove, elk, deer, waterfowl, turkey, and bear. He became active in the
National Wild Turkey Federation through his local chapter before serving as the State
Vice President. In 2022 he was elected to the National Board of Directors. His desire to
share his outdoor experiences is all encompassing. "There's nothing that brings joy like
that out of the outdoors and the people most of all. I've chased elk from New Mexico to
Montana, bears across the eastern seaboard and up into Canada, deer from the
southern border to the northern border, turkeys all across this country. I love hunting
camp and the people you get to share it with."
In 2023 Bear decided to combine his lifelong passion of ranching, farming, hunting, and
the outdoors with efforts to help others find what they’ve always wanted- a place
whether it be a home, a hunting property, a ranch, or a farm to share with family and
friends for years to come.