Horace “J.R.” Webster

Horace, known as “J.R.” throughout the local community, is a native of Buffalo Junction, Virginia. He
is an avid outdoorsman and loves all things Southside Virginia. Whether it be on the farm, in the
woods, or on the lake, he has an unyielding passion for the southern lifestyle that enriches our
A veteran of 21 years, Horace has served our Nation’s Navy leading Warriors at home and abroad.
He started his career in 2002 and fulfilled his commitment to serve our great nation as a
commissioned Chief Warrant Officer in 2023. Disciplined, well-prepared, and committed to mission
success, his dedication to serving others knows no bounds.
Following Horace’s military career, he, his wife Mary Beth, and their three children Brendan, Uriah,
and Abigail moved back to Southern Virginia. Mary Beth, a native of Clarksville herself, has a deep-
rooted passion for gardening and helping others see the true beauty of the world around them. As a
family, they are driven by Faith, hard-work, and a dedication to serving others. The rural lifestyle and
southern hospitality of Virginia’s Lake Country makes it a perfect place for their family to call home!
Whether you're a seller looking maximize your profits or a buyer looking to realize your dreams, give
Horace a call (804) 210-6533!