Clayton Brook Forest

County: Aroostook
7 Fenderson Road, Ashland ME 04732
1 Sold

Property Description

Clayton Brook Forest is a 152 ½ acre parcel of surveyed forest land that is for sale.  The property is a fantastic buy and hold parcel as a recreational timberland investment.  It has everything the recreational land buyer is looking for which is privacy, good access, merchantable timber, a water feature, recreational opportunities and finally access to utility power.

Access to the property is along the town maintained Fenderson Road.  There is approximately 1456± feet of road frontage along the roadway.  Fenderson Road ends approximately ¾ of a mile beyond the property and there is only one year-round residence at the end of the road beyond the parcel.  With only one residence at the end of the road there will be very little traffic most of the year.  There are large tracts of farmland surrounding the property, so you will have activity when crops are planted and harvested.  Access to the interior of the lot is benefitted by an existing 3800-foot-long winter road, that could be upgraded to provide access to a home or cabin site on the property.

The tract of land has been logged in the past, but still has a good mix of both young and merchantable timber.  A recent walk through the property highlighted a good amount of spruce, fir, pine and aspen trees of merchantable size.  In addition to the aforementioned species there is a good amount of both white cedar and tamarack growing in areas along Clayton Brook.  Tamarack is a deciduous tree with needles.  Its name comes from the Algonquin Indian language and translates to “wood used for snow shoes.”

The water feature on this property is extensive.  There is over 3900 feet of brook frontage.  Clayton Brook runs right down the middle of the property.  About midway along its path, there is a small pond of 3/4th of an acre.  The pond is an ideal location to observe one of the resident moose on a hot summer’s day.  Clayton Brook is a trout stream and tributary of Scopan Stream which terminates in Scopan Lake.  I am certain during late May and early June that exploring the shadowy riffles and pools along Clayton Brook will reward the angler with a feed of brook trout.

The outdoor recreational opportunities available from the property are numerous.  Through the spring and summer, trout fishing along Clayton Brook is the pursuit of choice.  During the autumn months hunters would be rewarded for opportunities to hunt whitetail deer and black bear right on the property.  The Ashland area is a deer wintering yard.  The surrounding woods and farm fields support a good population of deer and other game animals.  Snowmobilers have direct access to ITS 85 which crosses the property right by the pond on Clayton Brook.  That section of interior road is in very good condition.

Utility power runs the length of Fenderson Road.  So, if your desire is to build a home or camp in northern Maine, but utility power is an absolute, then this property is for you.  It has everything you are looking for.  Clayton Brook Forest is an exceptional tract of recreational timberland with great access, privacy, utility power, a beautiful trout stream and pond at a great price.

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